Saudi Ambassador 'Hails' Patriarch's Sunday Remarks


Maronite Patriarch Beshara Rahi met Tuesday in Dimane with Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon Walid el-Bukhari who praised Rahi’s Sunday remarks, the National News Agency reported.

Bukhari heaped praise on Rahi's sermon which focused on the need for Lebanon's neutrality and dissociation policy from regional conflicts.

Bukari said the Patriarch's remarks restore the Arab and international communities' faith in Lebanon.

He also highlighted Saudi Arabia's readiness to support Lebanon.

Discussions between Rahi and Bukhari highlighted the general situation in the country and the bilateral relations between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

Rahi also met with a delegation of the Lebanese Forces backed Strong Republic parliamentary bloc, comprising MPs Shawki Daccache, Ziad Hawwat and Joseph Isaac.

Speaking to reporters following the meeting, Daccache said the delegation presented the Patriarch with an invitation to chair the mass service commemorating the Lebanese Forces' martyrs.

Rahi on Sunday criticized the political authority inaction and called on President Michel Aoun to break what he called the siege that is imposed on Lebanese “legitimacy” and the country’s “free national decision.”

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