Ghajar Says Power Supply to Improve as of Wednesday


Energy Minister Raymond Ghajar announced Tuesday that power rationing will decrease as of Wednesday, following weeks in which the country witnessed prolonged blackouts amid a fuel shortage crisis.

“The first (fuel) ship will arrive in the evening and power supply will improve as of tomorrow, Wednesday,” Ghajar said after a Cabinet session, noting that the first ship will improve daily supply by two hours and that three more ships will arrive soon.

“The two coming ships will improve supply for four additional hours and we’re awaiting the third gas oil ship, which will return power rationing to its previous state,” the minister added.

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Missing samiam 1 month

I wonder why he doesn't explain why the fuel situation was so low and they didn't order before. It is like driving your car and the red light comes on telling you that you need to refuel but ignoring it until you are almost out of fumes.

Should resign because of the lack of competence and foresight, but then again, ImBasil picked him, so there is a trend.....

Missing ysurais 1 month

another biggg liar, like all his predecessors, and as we go on in time things are getting worst... go to helll u and all other politicians, u are all z same...u are disgrace to humanity..