Aoun Resumes Talks with Parliamentary Blocs over Cabinet Formation


President Michel Aoun resumed consultations on Tuesday with representatives of the country's parliamentary blocs over the formation of the cabinet, a process which hit snags because of controversy over the principle of rotation of ministries and the finance ministry portfolio.

On Monday, Aoun kicked off two-day consultations after a key meeting with Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Adib.

Adib had met Aoun on talks on forming a new government, but did not submit proposals for a cabinet despite a looming French-imposed deadline.

Aoun Tuesday met with ex-PM and head of the Independent Center bloc MP Najib Miqati, head of the Mountain Guarantee MP Talal Arsaln, head of the Armenian MPs Agop Pakradonian and Loyalty to the Resistance head MP Mohammed Raad.

He met Monday with Jebran Bassil of the Strong Lebanon bloc, Samir al-Jisr of the al-Mustaqbal bloc, Faisal Karami of the Consultative Gathering bloc, Farid al-Khazen of the National Bloc and Asaad Hardan of the Social National bloc.

Despite reports that the President and PM had agreed each to hold talks with certain blocs, LBCI television said no reports emerged that Adib held meetings with any of the lawmakers.

The insistence of the Shiite duo of AMAL Movement and Hizbullah on retaining hold of the Finance Ministry, and the principle of rotation of portfolios are the major hurdles.

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Thumb lebanonforever 12 days

very well put... they're not working for the goodwill of Lebanon rather trying to agree on the next chapter of deceit, rorts, theft, lies, power grabbing, controlling, deceit, rorts, theft, lies... finger pointing and again theft, lies, deceit, creating division, rorts, thuggery... every negative one can think of, they do

Missing kazan 12 days

I really wonder whether Macron believes that the change he's talking about can be achieved with the existing players. If he does then he is not well informed about the Lebanese political wasp nest.

Thumb tric.bortugal 12 days

Bay el Kill.

Thumb tric.bortugal 12 days

wash bil saboon. Bresident is bay el kill.