Hizbullah Positions among Targets of Israeli Raids in Syria


Israeli night raids targeting arms depots and military positions, including those of Hizbullah, in eastern Syria killed nine Syrian soldiers and 31 allied fighters, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Wednesday.

The Israeli air force carried out more than 18 strikes against multiple targets in an area stretching from the eastern town of Deir Ezzor to the Boukamal desert at the Syrian-Iraqi border, according to the Britain-based war monitor.

The overnight raids killed nine Syrian soldiers and 31 foreign militia fighters whose nationalities were not immediately known, the Britain-based monitoring group said.

They wounded at least 37 others.

Paramilitaries belonging to the Lebanese Hizbullah movement and the Fatimid Brigade, which is made up of pro-Iranian Afghan fighters, operate in the region, the Observatory said.

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Thumb warrior 7 days

What great news!

Thumb janoubi 7 days

Expecting a response by hezbollah in the 'heart of occupied Palestine' anytime now!

14 May 2018, 17:56
Nassrallah revealed that Israel was warned via a foreign state that “the next response would be in the heart of occupied Palestine".

Thumb _citizen_ 6 days


Thumb ansarullah 7 days

Ya Nassrallah Ya Habeeb , Oudrob Oudrob Tal Abib

“منشان الله يا سيد يالا”
Shia Shia Shia !!!
«شيعة، شيعة، شيعة”

Missing phillipo 6 days

No a chance in Hell

Thumb justice 6 days

Best bit of news for the week!

Thumb galaxy 6 days

"Hizbullah Fighters Killed in Israeli Raids"

Oh how these words bring joy to my heart!

Default-user-icon Free Lebanese (Guest) 6 days

What a glorious day for every Lebanese.

Default-user-icon QuiteContrary (Guest) 6 days

Apparently, no Lebanese citizens were killed. What a relief that Lebanon's enemy of old to the South is uninterested in conflict with Lebanon. And why should Lebanese care if they kill foreigners that are outside the country?

Thumb ashtah 6 days

بعد سنوات من شتمه دول الخليج، اعلن رئيس حزب التوحيد الوزير السابق وئام وهاب الى انه “اخد لقاح كورونا في الامارات”، موضحا بانه اخذ اللقاح في الفندق بعد ان طلبته بساعة واحدة فقط.

Default-user-icon cocoman (Guest) 6 days

Good news indeed!