Al-Rahi Again Clarifies His Call for Int'l Conference on Lebanon


Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi on Sunday re-clarified his call for a U.N.-sponsored international conference on Lebanon in the wake of the latest controversy over it.

He said the conference’s objective would be to “revive Lebanon through immunizing the Document of National Accord issued by the Taef Conference in 1989, and to implement its text and spirit and correct the obvious flaws in the constitution that was amended according to it in 1990.”

“The main and sole objective is to enable the Lebanese state to regain its life, vitality, identity, positive neutrality, non-alignment and its role as a stability factor in the region,” he added.

“What we long for through this conference is a state that is unified with its people, land, legitimacy, decision, institutions and charter, a strong state that would build its peace according to its national interest and the right of its people to secure living, not the interests of other countries,” al-Rahi went on to say.

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Thumb cedar 12 days

The Taif accord was the worst thing to happen to Lebanon. It is the direct cause of all these issues now. Enough with Taif. make a new agreement.

Missing kazan 12 days

Al Rahi, I am be clear, not about your message, but your outfit... really very exclusive for the catwalk.

Missing kazan 12 days

Really I am done with this person, the average Lebanese is starving , and on a weekly basis he appears on a fashion show, giving a cheap message , I pity the retarded people who believe him.

Missing rabiosa 12 days

I wonder who is the designer. Do they have a label or a fashion house?

Thumb 11 days

There are many Italians designers specializing in outfits for the Church. From the monk to the Pope, prices vary from a few hundred euros to tens of thousands. Their best customers are cardinals like this one, they spend huge amounts of money on chasubles with 24 karats gold embroidery.