Aoun Says New Era to Begin after 'Downfall of Some Parties, Spiritual Leaders, Media'


Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun on Monday noted that a "drastic change" has occured in Lebanese politics, after the Hizbullah-led alliance forced the collapse of Saad Hariri's unity government last month.

"An entire approach will be changed ... after the downfall of several political parties as well as spiritual and political leaders ... and media outlets," Aoun said after presiding over a meeting for the Change and Reform parliamentary bloc.

"The (new) cabinet will be formed and it will be harmonious and capable of taking decisions," he told reporters.

Earlier Monday, Aoun stressed that Lebanon has succeeded in achieving change without resorting to violence, noting that it has also managed to overcome plans to incite sectarian strife in the country.

He said during a rally organized by Lebanese parties in support of Egypt's uprising and resistance movements in the region: "Lebanon is on the verge of launching a reform movement."

He hoped that the Egyptians would start their reform movement as soon as possible.

"You cannot but be the pioneers of change and reform in ensuring Egypt's future and defending its history," the MP added.

Aoun also praised the Egyptian people for overcoming attempts to create Christian-Muslim strife in their country.