French Ambassador Declares New Aid for Lebanon, Says Support Doesn’t Replace Reform


French Ambassador to Lebanon Anne Grillo announced a new batch of French aid for Lebanon, stressing that assistance for the crisis-hit country “does not replace much-needed reforms.”

Grillo said in an article she wrote in al-Joumhouria daily that France’s emergency support for Lebanon “cannot replace” the much-needed reforms the crisis-hit country largely needs.

Her article came under the title “France delivers concrete promises,” and she answered a question “Where is France today?”

She pointed out that "emergency support was and is still necessary, but it cannot replace the reforms that the Lebanese are awaiting today."

Grillo added, “France will continue, through tangible steps, to fulfill its pledges, and this assistance will materialize, in the coming days, in 3 areas:

First, exceptional aid worth 1.1 million euros will be provided to organizations that provide direct assistance to the residents of Tripoli and its neighborhood, especially in Akkar, in the fields of food and health assistance.

Second, France will present a new donation of essential medical equipment, in order to combat the Corona pandemic.

Third, a signed agreement with UNICEF to support the rehabilitation of Karantina Governmental Hospital.”

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Thumb galaxy 1 month

"First, exceptional aid worth 1.1 million euros will be provided to organizations "

1.1 million euros is 1/1000 of Bassil's or Junblatt's or Berri's fortunes.

Thumb milou 1 month

Dupond and Dupont told me you’re underestimating their net worth by quite a bit. They’re worth several billions each.

Default-user-icon ramo (Guest) 1 month

if u bomb our politicans with 1.1 M dollar worth of weapons it will solve all oir problems