Aoun Meets Iraqi Minister, Lauds 'Oil-for-Medical Services' Deal


President Michel Aoun on Thursday met in Baabda with a visiting Iraqi delegation led by Health and Environment Minister Hassan al-Tamimi.

“We appreciate Iraq’s approval of Lebanon’s request to be supplied with raw oil in return for medical services,” Aoun said during the meeting.

“I hope there will be a single market among the nations of the Levant and I will re-propose this initiative,” the president added.

The Iraqi minister for his part said that “there is an Iraqi governmental inclination to support Lebanon at all levels, mainly in the health field.”

Tamimi had arrived Wednesday in Lebanon aboard a plane carrying medical aid.

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Thumb galaxy 9 days

"Tamimi had arrived Wednesday in Lebanon aboard a plane carrying medical aid"

So, is Lebanon providing Iraq with Raw oil in exchange for Iraqi medical aid, or is Aoun completely out of it?

Thumb chrisrushlau 8 days

In exchange for Lebanon accepting Iraqi medical aid, Lebanon has agreed to also accept Iraqi crude oil. It's what diplomats call a "win-win-lose-lose deal".

Thumb eagledawn 9 days

٨٦ سنة كرامة و عزة و شموخ
٨٦ سنة وطنية و تحدي و صمود
٨٦ سنة نضال و محاربة و مقاومة
ينعاد عليك يا جبل شامخ بوج الريح
ينعاد عليك يا أجمل حلم نزرع فينا لنبقى مكملين
معك مبارح ، اليوم و بكرا و حتى الرمق الأخير

بحبك تتخلص الدني....
"الكرامة لا تشيخ"... لأنك كرامتنا"

Thumb chrisrushlau 8 days

86 years of honor, pride and honor
86 national years of challenge and resilience
86 years of struggle, war and resistance
He will come back to you, O mountain high in the wind
Come back to you, oh the most beautiful dream, we plant in us to remain complete
With you yesterday, today and early and until the last gasp

With your love you get rid of the world ....
Dignity does not age ... because you are our dignity (Google Translation)

Thumb eagledawn 9 days

“فخامة الرئيس يا ريت ورتت بستان جدك وما عملت رئيس جمهورية”

“بتبقى انت الحلم، والحلم ما بيشيخ”

الله يحميك

بي الكل

A fearless man - A real leader - A true statesman

Thumb chrisrushlau 8 days

Your Excellency the President, I wish you watered your grandfather's garden, and you did not make a president of the Republic.

"You remain the dream, and the dream does not grow old."

God protect you

Me all (Google Translation)
This might be a more compelling remark or two if written in French.

Thumb 9 days

Patriarch Rahi criticized hizbala during a video conference with his bishops in North America.