Aoun Warns against 'Fall of Forensic Audit', Calls It 'Battle against Thieves'


President Michel Aoun on Wednesday urged the Lebanese to support him in the forensic audit “battle,” warning that its fall would undermine the French initiative.

“A meeting was held yesterday between representatives of the Finance Ministry, the central bank governorship and the Alvarez & Marsal firm without reaching a tangible result and it was decided to hold another meeting on Friday,” Aoun said in an address to the nation.

“I see in that certain procrastination that indicates the lack of a will to conduct the forensic audit,” the president warned.

He added that “real negotiations should take place directly and face to face between the actual officials and not between their representatives as happened yesterday.”

He added that there has been “obstruction” ever since Alvarez & Marsal was tasked by the government to carry out a forensic audit of the central bank’s accounts, noting that the finance minister “admitted days ago that the central bank had been refraining from answering a large number of the questions of the Alvarez & Marsal firm.”

“It has become clear that the procrastination’s goal is to push the firm to despair and leave Lebanon and therefore halt the forensic audit and allow the criminals to evade punishment,” Aoun lamented.

He warned that “the fall of the forensic audit would undermine the French initiative, because without it there can be no international aid nor the CEDRE conference nor Arab and Gulf support nor IMF assistance.”

“The forensic audit is the gateway for knowing who caused the crime of the financial collapse. The forensic audit is not a personal demand for the president but rather at the heart of the French initiative, the demands of the IMF and, before anything else, it is the demand of all Lebanese,” Aoun went on to say.

Addressing the Lebanese people, he added: “I’m leading you in the battle to expose the biggest theft operation in Lebanon’s history so be with me. Put aside your political differences and rest assured that we will not let them rob the people, aggrieve a mother or humiliate a father or a patient.”

Calling on nations that want to help the Lebanese people to “unveil the money transfers that took place after October 17, 2019 and resembled financial smuggling,” Aoun acknowledged that “the forensic audit” would be only the “start.”

“Perhaps it is a battle that is harder than the battle of the liberation of the land, because it is against corrupts and thieves, who are more dangerous than occupiers and collaborators, seeing as those who steal the money of the people are capable of robbing a nation,” Aoun added.

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Thumb 3 months

Lift everyone’s immunity including your own, give a mandate to auditing firm to go dig the documents from the BDL and finance ministries they require wherever and whenever they deem it necessary.... but you won’t because you’re the king of BS. You’re a good for nothing senile pos.

Thumb canadianleb 3 months

I agree nothing but amazing and incredible BS. This guy has made it an art form to talk from both sides of his mouth at the same time. The scary part of this, is that the sheep that worship this thief will belive what he is saying as the gospel truth and follow him to the abys while he masses his families fortune...

Thumb gebran_sons 3 months

Thus spoke Zarathustra! The best action Saad Hariri can take is to step down and let Aoun and Hizb reap the consequence of taking Lebanon to the abyss and systematically destroying the Christian community and all state institutions so HizbIran occupation force can swallow Lebanon one piece at a time. All done with compliment of the Useful Idiot. Stepping down will remove the fig leave they are hiding behind and make Cedar Revolution II in July an imperative and national demand to save Lebanon. Without UN Neutrality and disarming Hizb occupation force there are no hope for Lebanon. Liberate the South to Liberate Lebanon.

Default-user-icon Mezut Davo (Guest) 3 months

gebran_sons, I have been reading your comments for many articles. And I agree with your opinion, However, it seems to me that although you are pro-revolution and anti-politicians and anti-corruption , it seems to me that you keep supporting Saad Hariri as if he isn't a corrupt politician like the rest. I have to remind you that the HAriri family as a whole is the dynastic family of lebanese corruption. Saad, bahaa, bahia, Siniora and even the king of them all, Rafik (you call him builder of Beirut, thats the biggest lie that unfortunatly many lebanese fell for it... Solidere, zaytouna bay etc.. all part of his corrupted plans to acquire properties through pressure (best example the St.Georges hotel) and paying through public funds to fund his private investment.

Thumb galaxy 3 months

ignorant to say the least

Thumb gebran_sons 3 months

Davo, Kelon yaani kelon but as long as Aoun/Berri set in concrete no veto on interim Saad for balance of power. No fan of Saad. He is politically naïve, quick to compromise on fundamental issues for political expediency. Lack charisma and quick to personalize politic instead of focusing on principles. Cedar Revolution is a most amazing political event in history. Lebanon was liberated from Syrian & Hizb occupation without firing a shot. Led not by politicians but the power of eternal principles of freedom, justice, independence & democracy. No one is perfect, but Rafiq Hariri, Moussa Sadr and Bashir are among Lebanon giants. They had constructive spirit of rising their community & the country instead of the destructive & dominating instincts of Hizb, Aoun, Bassil and the rest. Whereas Rafiq built, educated and restored Beirut prestige; Aoun and Hizb have systematically destroyed everything in sight including our democracy, economy, institutions, education and spirit.

Thumb gebran_sons 3 months

One thing where I differ with many on this forum, I don’t believe democracy, human rights and dignity are selective. I will defend the rights and human dignity of domestic helpers, Palestinian refugees, Syrians and foreign workers with the same determination as I would for any Lebanese. The same way we want to be treated abroad, we should treat those living on our land. This is a biblical Golden Rule. Lebanon should be paid for every Syrian refugee for every day in Lebanon by the international community similar to Turkey from funds earmarked to rebuilding Syria. This will hasten their return by Syrian regime. Likewise, Palestinian camps miserable condition is unacceptable. Better to educate them and inculpate the Lebanese spirit of freedom & democracy and benefit from their talents. US major corporations (Google, Microsoft, IBM) are led by Indians. Remember Europe in one year absorbed millions of refugees, and the Palestinian camps can easily be solved in a peace treaty benefitting all

Thumb gebran_sons 3 months

Aoun is again playing the role assigned to him by HizbIran. Corruption has always existed in Lebanon and can be tracked down even decades from now. It is not the cause of our misery and worst economic collapse. The economy was destroyed when Hizb occupied the South to make it an outpost for Iranian radicals. Political instability, enmity to West and Gulf nations, and loss of independence and sovereignty made investment impossible and scared away all western firms and Arab support. Hizb is 100% responsible and was only able to take over Lebanon by Useful Idiot complicity. Aoun knew the risks but sold Lebanon for nepotism. He is a traitor and should rot in prison for minimum justice to his million victims. No one is fooled!

Thumb Geralt 3 months

No one is fooled, only the last remnants of FPM supporters who are stupid enough to believe that he will lead us to a safe harbor as he was supposed to do about 30 years ago!
This guy is like Don Quixote of La Mancha, thus Michel Aoun of La Baabda, who still believes that throwing sand in people's eyes will make them blind to his madness (Aoun not Quixote).
Mr. President, you are bull shiting us with your promises and we won't take it anymore, you could have set this whole mascarade a few months after your election and you didn't and now that you need some extra time to handle the shit that is thrown at you, you are working out a way to make people go away!
P.S. Thank you gebran_sons for always reminds us about this prick!

Thumb gebran_sons 3 months

Lebanon has survived many invaders and occupiers but kept its distinctive culture and traditions. HizbIran Basij believed they can change Lebanese essence but as many others will be vomited out in time. The naked truth is Lebanon achieved true independence in 2005 from Syrians/PLO. Had over 6% GNP growth that could have easily sustained rapid growth with no debts and low interests. All changed with HizbIran 2006 War designed to steal our independence and make us subservient to Iran radicals enabled by Aoun and FPM. Political instability and lack of sovereignty caused exodus of all western firms and investment and destroyed the reputation of Lebanon causing tens of billions in damages. This was followed by freezing the parliament to prevent tribunal and decimating downtown Beirut. Skyrocket interest on budget and electricity deficit is over half our debt. That is the obvious forensic evidence for our misery and economic collapse.

Thumb eagledawn 3 months

“فخامة الرئيس يا ريت ورتت بستان جدك وما عملت رئيس جمهورية”
“بتبقى انت الحلم، والحلم ما بيشيخ”
الله يحميك
بي الكل
A fearless man - A real leader - A true statesman

Default-user-icon Mezut Davo (Guest) 3 months

(Part 2 of my comment) And I believe that the so called revolution has failed simply because the slogan used was "kelloun ya3neh kelloun, except my boss". This slogan led to the failure of the "revolution". I think and I believe you will agree with me, that the slogan should be "kelloun ya3neh kellun, with no exception" and a slogan particularly to you is, "kelloun ya3neh kelloun and Hariri is one of them".

I hope this message will reach many readers here. I, member of the lebanese diaspora for more than 2 decades now. was surprised and happy like many to see the youth of lebanon joining forces to go up against the Elites. Thanking God, that the lebanese people FINALLY woke up against their leaders... but what a disappointment it became when people decided to support their bosses never the less. (example, when they opened the road to walid Jumblat, when a guy in hamra says that only Hariri can save this country (like really?)).

Thumb galaxy 3 months

Hariri is definitely one of them but is your Aoun/bassil/nassrallah also one of them?

Thumb ___flamethrower___ 3 months

Never has Lebanon know or seen a president who loves reforms and audits as much as this one, ever!

Default-user-icon eli (Guest) 3 months

What a load of incredible rubbish.

Thumb ashtah 3 months

نفذ مناصرو "التيار الوطني الحر" تحركًا حاشدًا بالسيارات، من "مركزية التيار الوطني" في مبنى ميرنا الشالوحي، في اتجاه القصر الجمهوري، مباشرة بعد كلمة رئيس الجمهورية العماد ميشال عون.

ورفع المناصرون أعلام التيار وصور الرئيس عون، مطلقين العنان لأبواق سياراتهم، وهاتفين للرئيس. وقد جابوا شوارع بلدتي بعبدا والحدت.

Missing hammerhead1 3 months

As gebran-sons said, “corruption has always existed in Lebanon and has not brought us down”. The truth is there in plain view of everybody. Hassan took over our air and seaport the proceeds were needed to finance the Syrian war. When that was not enough the people’s bank deposits were looted to keep Basshar afloat. When all was gone and our economy collapsed, so did Syria’s, we could support them no more. So Basshar turned on his relatives and the Syrians that had benefited from his corrupt regime. Syria is in a worse financial crisis than Lebanon, they have resorted to the manufacture of drugs to stay afloat.

Thumb marcus 3 months

He is trying to deflect the obvious: form a government immediately and stop your demands. Did he forget how he became president? Did he not make a pact with those that he now calls thieves and corrupt?

Thumb 3 months

كلام ‏صحيح

Thumb ex-fpm 3 months

I see.... so there was no need for forensic audits during the first 5 years of his presidency. He just woke up and learned of the dire financial situation.

Thumb justin 3 months

يا عزيزي يا فخامة صاحب العهد التدقيق الجنائي يحتاج لحكومة تتولى المهمة ولم تقم اي من الحكومات التي سيطرتم عليها بالمهمة.

Missing cedars 3 months

Be like the previous president who walked into the room and told the minister to return the stolen rice in 48 hours. We need NAMES as you are the head of the country. No need to continue to confuse the people.

Thumb 10452km2 3 months

انا ميشال عون

Thumb lubnani.masi7i 3 months

this creature is a lunatic!