Attempt to Smuggle 500 iPhones Thwarted at Airport


Customs agents at the Rafik Hariri International Airport thwarted on Wednesday an attempt to smuggle 500 iPhones from Australia, reported the National News Agency.

The iPhones were discovered in the luggages of three Australians of Lebanese origin, who arrived in Lebanon from Australia through Dubai.

Investigations are underway with the three suspects.

The report did not indicate which model of iPhone was being smuggled, knowing that there are limited quantities of the latest model, the iPhone 4S, in Lebanon.

The hot-selling iPhone 4S was the "fastest iPhone rollout" in the company's history, Apple chief executive Tim Cook said in January.

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Default-user-icon May7 (Guest) 8 years

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Thumb jabalamel 8 years

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Default-user-icon LEBANESE_100 (Guest) 8 years

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Thumb Marc 8 years

Someone has a complex and mixes personal greed with politics....

Default-user-icon Lebanon (Guest) 8 years

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Default-user-icon Ken (Guest) 8 years

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Default-user-icon Halaktouna (Guest) 8 years

I dont know why ... but I'm starting to feel sorry for Jabalamel ... this kid is seriously messed up!
I don't know whether to laugh out loud at this comments or lament that such people do exist in Lebanon.
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Default-user-icon Skyfall (Guest) 8 years

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Missing ayoor 8 years

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