Gadhafi Urges Refugee 'March on Palestine'


Libyan leader Moammer Gadhafi has urged Palestinian refugees to take advantage of current unrest sweeping across the Arab world and stage a march on the Palestinian territories.

"In the context of the popular Arab revolutionary movement, the Palestinian refugees... must march on Palestine, along with their families," he said in a speech to thousands of supporters marking the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed.

"This is not a call for war," Gadhafi said, however, urging Palestinian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Libya and Syria to head for "the Palestinian borders, olive branches in hand in a sign of peace."

"If they find themselves repulsed by the enemy," he said, referring to Israel, "then let them set up camp on the borders. You have to create a problem before the world will act."

Gadhafi, wearing a brown traditional robe, slammed Islamic and Arab countries that have relations with Israel, dismissing them as sell-outs, non-believers and even cowards.