Germany Sees 'Solid Basis' for Greek Aid Decision Monday


Germany expects Eurozone finance ministers to take a decision on aid for debt-wracked Greece on Monday, a spokesman said, but stressed some details remained over the efforts Athens still needs to make.

"We are coming ever closer to a final basis for a decision on Monday but, as you know from the statement of Eurogroup chairman Jean-Claude Juncker, there are still details to be cleared up," said a finance ministry spokesman.

The spokesman, Martin Kotthaus, told a regular government briefing there were still outstanding questions over an escrow account for debt repayments, surveillance of policy, financing gaps and debt sustainability.

Officials were likely to work on clearing up these questions until Sunday night, Kotthaus added.

"I assume that we will have a solid basis on Monday, from which the ministers will then be able to take a joint decision. This is all positive of course," he said.

"However, it is still too early to say how the decision might turn out."

Eurozone finance ministers are to meet in Brussels Monday as pressure builds over a Greek rescue package of 130 billion euros ($171 billion) and a write-down on privately held government bonds worth 100 billion euros to avoid Greece defaulting.

Earlier Friday, the Italian government released a statement following a call between the leaders of Germany, Greece and Italy saying Rome and Berlin were "confident" that ministers would agree new loans.