FIFA VP Fears Goal Technology's Impact on Refs


One of Sepp Blatter's deputies fears goal-line technology could undermine the authority of referees as football's rulemakers prepare to sanction the next round of testing on Saturday.

FIFA's president hopes to have high-tech aids in place by the 2014 World Cup after a high-profile mistake at the 2010 tournament persuaded him to end his long-standing opposition to the technology.

The International Football Association Board will assess test results from eight systems Saturday before sending approved firms into another phase of checks ahead of a final decision in July.

But FIFA Vice President Prince Ali says "referees are part of the game and I would feel a bit depressed if every day something is coming out about how they are not capable of doing their jobs."

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Default-user-icon Petersdemocracy (Guest) 8 years

Prince Ali = Rich prince of some gulf country = to bribing referees for gambling/winning purposes = fifa = unfair game.