Hariri Rejects Partnership with ‘Arms Put in the Face of Lebanese’

Caretaker Premier Saad Hariri reiterated that he rejects to become a partner with Hizbullah’s arms that have allegedly turned against the Lebanese.

“Former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and I preserved the resistance,” Saad Hariri told An Nahar daily in an interview published Friday but said he would no longer defend it “after it put arms in the face of the Lebanese.”

“The other team hasn’t done a thing to help the partnership succeed,” Hariri said, adding that he “exerted every effort to have a national unity cabinet based on several principles mainly reconciliation and real partnership.”

The caretaker prime minister vowed not to back off from his demands to find a solution to illegitimate arms and keep Lebanon committed to the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.

“The country would not resurrect as long as a team carries weapons,” he told An Nahar ahead of a private visit to Riyadh.

Snapping back at officials who claim that the arms belong to the resistance, Hariri said: “We are all strugglers.”

Asked why he didn’t blame Syria for allegedly toppling his government in his latest speeches, the caretaker premier said he sought to consolidate the state-to-state relations between the two countries.

“I didn’t want the improvement made in the ties to go backwards,” Hariri added.