Geagea Urges Wide Participation in March 13 Rally: We Introduced Concept of Resistance


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea lashed out at his critics and said the March 14 forces were the first to introduce the concept of resistance to Lebanon.

“To those who claim we are against the choice of resistance, I say: We originally introduced the concept of resistance to Lebanon,” Geagea told LF officials in Keserouan-Ftouh.

Geagea said the resistance he is talking about is “the resistance of the Lebanese state and the Lebanese army and not that of a party,” a reference to Hizbullah.

The decision-making of such a resistance is made by the Lebanese state and not Iran, Geagea told his supporters, adding its objective is to preserve Lebanon and not Tehran’s strategic location in the region.

The LF leader also stressed that his resistance aims at deterring foreign occupiers and not occupying Lebanese land.

Geagea finally said the March 14 resistance uses its arms in the service of the citizen and not against him.

He urged his supporters to participate en masse in the sixth anniversary of the Cedar Revolution scheduled to be held on Sunday March 13 at Beirut’s Martyrs Square.