Transportation Sector Goes on Strike Thursday


The various land transport unions in Lebanon will go on strike on Thursday morning in protest against the rise in fuel prices.

The strike was supposed to be held last week, but it was postponed at the request of a ministerial committee headed by Prime Minister Najib Miqati, which was seeking to find a solution that would appease the drivers but to no avail.

Earlier on Wednesday, Lebanese University professors staged a sit-in on the road leading to the presidential palace in Baabda where a cabinet session was underway.

The demonstrators were demanding that the government grant part-time professors full-time contracts “as soon as possible”.

They lifted banners accusing the government of dealing lightly with their case, wondering "what barriers have been thwarting it from resolving the file."

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Default-user-icon Muhamada (Guest) 7 years

This event is nothing but political attempt to raise money or to get paid off for some of the politicians, corruption and culture of mafiozism in a country with history of Hashish industry.

Missing peace 7 years

i sent you a post last time to prove you that hariri had a vast transportation plan which should have started in 1995 till 2015,(tramways, metro,train) but of course as it doesn t suit your propaganda you still deny the facts...

poor FT so blinded by his hatred and FPM brainwashing...