Majority to Seek Probe into 'Financial Scandals' of Past Governments


The parliamentary majority intends to demand a probe into the “financial scandals” allegedly committed by previous governments, in a bid to hit back at the opposition’s call for a parliamentary commission of inquiry into the issue of power-generating vessels, al-Manar television reported on Wednesday.

Al-Manar said a meeting was held between Speaker Nabih Berri and MPs Mohammed Raad, Ibrahim Kanaan and Ayyoub Hmayyed, during which they discussed the opposition’s call for a commission of inquiry.

MP Qassem Hashem told al-Manar that a group of lawmakers were discussing possible scenarios for raising the demand during the upcoming hours.

Lebanese Forces bloc MP George Adwan had two days ago submitted a request to the parliament speaker demanding the formation of a parliamentary commission of inquiry into alleged law violations and illegal deals committed by the government, as well as another commission of inquiry into public expenditure during the last 22 years.

Back then Adwan quoted Berri as saying he was adhered to proper parliamentary conduct and that he had promised to “refer the request to the parliament’s Bureau Committee ahead of submitting it to parliament’s general assembly in order to take the appropriate decision.”

Last week’s parliamentary debate on the government’s policies witnessed several verbal clashes between the two camps over the controversial issues of leasing power-generating vessels and the financial performance of the previous governments that were led by the current opposition.

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Missing peace 7 years

good thing as long as they investigate EVERYONE not just M14 people...
beginning with the head of the parliament!
but that i doubt! as M8 sense of justice is biased and unilateral!

Thumb benzona 7 years

Definitely, you're right. Berri is a thief and a criminal. Well, at least it's a start though. They want to escalate the (verbal?) violence with the other side. Nothing will happen though as it's all propaganda before the 2013 elections. Hawa, Hawa, Hawa, shoo 7elo'l Hawa...

Default-user-icon gabby (Guest) 7 years

Why not investigate the current gov't ya Berri. There is plenty right now.

Default-user-icon Assaad (Guest) 7 years

C'est n'importe quoi comme comportement. Demander d'ouvrir les dossiers du passé chaque fois qu'on est accusé d'une affaire courante c'est reconnaitre qu'on est coupable. Le parlement actuel est avant tout responsable de controler le fonctionnement durant son mandat. Quand je penses en plus que les memes personnes était présents dans tous les gouvernements et ils controllaient tous les parlements precedents, ça me fait de la peine pour ce pays.

Default-user-icon Assaad (Guest) 7 years

Il y a vingt ans, M. Berri a dit dans une conférence devant des universitaires que s'il allait y avoir au Liban un état juste e non corrompu, il serait content et il se comporterait en homme d'état, autrement il éxigeait d'avoir pour lui et pour sa communité leur part du gateau et plus. ça m'avait choqué, venant du chef du parlement

Default-user-icon + oua nabka + (Guest) 7 years

it is about time to bust these corrupt vampires and to judge them

Thumb kesrweneh 7 years

well siniora has already more then 10 ruling on his records among which 4 form the world bank, yalla 3a2bel el b2yin

Missing allouchi 7 years

Let's audit past and present and not pick on one government and look who’s talking the Ali Baba of thieves Berri...what a joke...

Default-user-icon Minx (Guest) 7 years

If this investigation get serious (which I doubt), we will have most polititians in Jail starting with Berri, Jumblat, Saniora, Aoun and their accomplices...

Thumb jcamerican 7 years

He is stealing, and his brother is on welfare and food stamps. They must be really stupid in the States. Or maybe they encourage people to steal and abuse the system. Don't you agree?