Death Sentence Ordered against 26 Suspects Linked to Estonian Abduction


The military tribunal issued the death sentence on Thursday against 26 individuals for their involvement in the 2011 abduction of the seven Estonian cyclists.

The tribunal had charged 29 suspects for being involved in the crime, as well as a number of others committed in Lebanon over the past year.

Besides their involvement in the abduction, the suspects were charged with forming a crime gang, undermining the authority of the state, being associated with the Fatah al-Islam militant group, using unauthorized weapons, killing security forces member Rashed Sabri, and attacking members of the Internal Security Forces Intelligence Bureau.

They have also been found guilty of armed robbery and forging Lebanese passports and identification cards.

In addition, they have been charged with bombing stores that sell liquor and vandalizing Christian monuments.

Of the 29 suspects, nine are in custody, while the rest remain at large and they include a Syrian national, Mohammed Ahmed Ahmed, also known as Abu Zarif, who has been held by the Syrian authorities.

He has not yet been handed over to Lebanese authorities.

The seven Estonian cyclists were kidnapped in Lebanon in March 2011 as they entered the country from Syria.

They were abducted in the eastern Bekaa and kept in captivity in Lebanon and Syria until July of that year.

Wael Abbas, the suspected ringleader in the abduction, was arrested in November 2011.

He was detained by Syrian security forces as he was attempting to escape to the country through a false ID.

In September, the Internal Security Forces killed two accomplices of the alleged mastermind behind the kidnapping during clashes in the area of al-Bireh in Rashaya.

Later that month, two Intelligence Branch officers were injured when they were ambushed by armed men in the hunt for the kidnappers in the village of Jlala near Shtaura.

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Default-user-icon Minx (Guest) 7 years

Hang them all in the places of their crimes, it is the least that this gov can do in order to enforce the law...This country becoming so lawless that anybody can carry weapon and terrorize peaceful citizens..

Thumb primesuspect 7 years

The army is totally corrupt.... why didn't they ask for a similar sentence for Karam?

Missing peace 7 years

"they are total ignorants in all these fields and more..."

as much ignorant as the current M8 people...

Thumb kanaandian 7 years

If they are guilty as charged I say good riddance. This is a good development, all Fatah al Islam terrorists should be executed if found guilty for conspiring to kill Lebanese people and plant bombs around' town.

Missing people-power 7 years

Very interesting.... 26 people. Evidently not all 26 were physically involved in the kidnapping, as some of them were accomplices and members of the gang who carried out the crime. I'm sure we will hear from Persian Propagandists soon flouting the fact that these were not Hezbollah members, and blaming Hariri or M14 for this.

What will be more interesting is to see the sentencing for the murders and assassinations of M14 martyrs. The STL has evidence against 4 Hezbollah members in the murder of Rafic Hariri and others, but clearly more than 4 people were involved in those crimes. Will death sentences also be imposed on other members of that criminal association, especially the mafia bosses and leaders of the group?

Default-user-icon foreigner (Guest) 7 years

what's the point to speak about the STL? a great number of person are involved, if you consider the transferral of 7 prisoners in Syria and then backwards, the clashes with the Army etc. It's a group of criminal of 29 persons, and some of them are in Syria, where they evidently received some kind support. Sadly, it makes sense. Nevertheless, I do hope that no death sentence is executed. I am sure that the victims will ask for commutation of the sentece very soon.

Default-user-icon jad (Guest) 7 years

death sentence ! that fast ? death sentence to those who kindnaped foreigners and attacked the armed forces ! while fugitives in baalbak are all over the place and protected by hezbollah who kindaps, steels and kill civilians and army forces.. (what aout traitor karam ? ) u lebanese are so confused in ur minds! u want the law but at the same time u want it not applicable on everyone.. ull never have a country

Missing ulpianus 7 years

How can they get the death sentence for kidnapping and forging lebanese passports? Even bombing stores. Did they kill someone?

Ok, they are animals for doing this, but still.