Wahhab: Baqaata Bombing Won't Go without Judicial, Political Accountability


Arab Tawhid Party chief Wiam Wahhab stressed Sunday that the motives behind the bombing that targeted his party’s Baqaata office “have become clear to us,” noting that the incident “will not go without judicial and political accountability.”

“Delusional are those who believe that the Tawhid party is merely a building, an office or only walls, because Tawhid’s beliefs have become deep-rooted in people’s mind and the bombing cannot negate this fact,” Wahhab said, during a meeting with a delegation from the Free Patriotic Movement’s Shouf committee.

Wahhab urged security agencies to “exert serious efforts concerning the issue of the bombing that occurred in Baqaata, because this issue will not go without judicial and political accountability,” adding that his party “does not endorse the method of retaliation against such acts.”

“The issue requires further investigations and data gathering and let no one think that it is that hard to unveil the truth, because the main motives have become clear to us, and I hope the state will not allow anyone to take revenge into their own hands and to turn this region and other Lebanese regions into areas governed by the law of the jungle,” Wahhab added.

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Default-user-icon The Truth (Guest) 7 years

If the Syrian regime collapses the Tawhid 'party' would disappear overnight.

Default-user-icon Muhamada (Guest) 7 years

I am positive he planted it to collect insurance money and play double standard agent, where the pro-Syrian camp protect himself from accusations over political assassinations they carried against the other camp, smart move but it will not convince us. Lebanese are not Arabs, Lebanese are only Lebanese with Phoenician ancestry. May be you want to ship your movement to Syrian desert.

Thumb kesrweneh 7 years

time frame:
T1 an explosive hiding place belonging to LF is found in Ashrafieh
T2 on eday later an ATP office is bombed

did the LF do it? will Geagea be sent to jail again?

Missing helicopter 7 years

Kesrweneh... I think you are one of the 4000 Pro-Regime Syrians who were given Lebanese nationality and planted in Kesrwen.

Thumb kesrweneh 7 years

is that the best you have Heli! rayiss Kesrwen is one of the rare caza were there are no mujannassin, BTW it was Rafic Harriri who made the Tajnis decret... and know that if FPM is winning Kesrwen alone against all militias and ex syrian minions, it's because it's still a pure caza unlike Zahleh

Thumb kesrweneh 7 years

slash impolitness is not a weapon it's just a reaction that tells how dirty and ugly you are, so please keep on the good work, I think any neutral person will make the difference between FPM and 14M. Thank you for helping us win