Miqati Holds Talks with Iranian Vice President on Improving Agreements with Lebanon


Prime Minister Najib Miqati held talks on Wednesday with visiting Iranian Vice President Mohammed Reza Rahimi on cooperation between Lebanon and Iran.

The meeting at the Grand Serail also focused on improving the agreements and Memorandums of Understandings signed between the two countries.

The premier later threw a luncheon banquet in Rahimi’s honor.

The Iranian official, who arrived in Lebanon on Wednesday, did not make any statement after the talks.

Prominent opposition sources had criticized on Monday Rahimi’s visit, saying that it “embarrasses the government on the Arab, regional, and international levels.”

Rahimi and the accompanying delegation’s visit coincides with that of U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffrey Feltman, who arrived in Lebanon on Tuesday.

Al-Manar television, which is close to Iran, said that “mystery surrounds Feltman’s visit, as do all of his trips to Lebanon.”

“Clarity however surrounds Rahimi’s visit, which centers on economy and activating the role of the higher joint Lebanese-Iranian committee.”

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Missing allouchi 7 years

Ya Irani stop supplying terrorist groups like hizballa with weapons and interfering in our internal affairs.

Thumb Bandoul 7 years

Don't worry, Iran will soon be bankrupt and will no longer be able to smuggle weapons to the illegally armed so called Party of God aka the "Party of Lies and Disinformation”. You can also trust IRAN is running out of cash to send to the Party as well. The sooner the Party aka the “cancer within” is starved to death militarily and financially the sooner our beloved Lebanon will get healthy and PROSPER!

Thumb bigsami 7 years

Mishmakoul....Now we see clearly why HA forcefully jammed Miqati down our throats. All part of their plan unite the true axis of evil known as HA-Syria-Iran!

Default-user-icon + oua nabka + (Guest) 7 years

the iranian vice president visit is to counter the visit of feltman

Thumb shab 7 years

Notice the real Persian always are well groomed and have button up shirts, as the local filthy wannabe Persian militia look shabby and have open shirt.

Thumb Bandoul 7 years

@anonymous, Why would it try to sell the Lebanese government anything when it is providing the Party of God aka the "Terrorist State within the State" with free weapons and millions of dollars to keep Lebanon a hotbed of trouble and a threat to ISRAEL and the WEST? I think you have it backward. It is IRAN who is buying the services of Hzb el Kzb & Errheb.