Aoun to Jumblat: Remain Silent, I Have the Right to Put You on Trial

Aoun: The issues proposed at Wednesday’s cabinet session are aimed at wasting time. 7 years
Aoun: Hizbullah exerted all of its efforts to ensure the release of the kidnapped priest. The issue is related to a girl who was abducted and they thought that she had resorted to the priest. You know how excited they get about these issues in the Bekaa. 7 years
Aoun to Jumblat: You’re better off staying silent. I have the right to demand that you be put on trial and that you be stripped of immunity. We have suffered a lot because of you. 7 years
Aoun: We will not be lenient with any stolen Lebanese pound. We will reveal several issues related to theft in the state. 7 years
Aoun: A neutral government only approves bribes and stolen funds. We cannot reward a government for its theft. 7 years
Aoun: The president is responsible for the poor financial situation and this is clear before the people. 7 years
Aoun: The president was elected in an unconstitutional manner during extraordinary circumstances. 7 years
Aoun: We all know that the $11 billion were spent illegally, but the president is forcing us to commit a violation in order to settle the case of the Saniora government spending. It’s unacceptable that he force us to violate the constitution. 7 years
FPM leader MP Michel Aoun after Change and Reform bloc weekly meeting: I was informed by several institutions that they are facing financial difficulties because of the president’s failure to approve the $5.9 billion spending bill. 7 years

Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun slammed on Tuesday Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat’s recent criticism against him, telling him to exercise some humility and accusing him of being disrespectful.

He said after the Change and Reform bloc’s weekly meeting: “You should remain silent. I have the right to put you on trial and strip you of your immunity.”

“I only speak the truth and he only seeks to insult me,” he declared.

A dispute has erupted between the two MPs in light of Jumblat’s accusation that Aoun is leading a movement that is “crippling everything in Lebanon.”

The FPM leader responded to the accusation on Saturday by labeling the Druze chief as a liar.

Jumblat retaliated on Sunday by saying: “What can I say to the one who cursed us yesterday, I will not say anything … but I’m very dismayed by those who allowed him to dig up the graves of the past, I’m very dismayed by those who do not respect my centrist position.”

Addressing Jumblat, Aoun remarked: “You and your ministers are attacking me because of my demand for proportional representation in the electoral law.”

“You are better off remaining silent. It’s rude for you to accuse me of theft and lies. Society does not accept such base claims,” he continued.

“We have suffered a lot because of you,” stressed the FPM leader.

The March 8 camp is advocating the adoption of proportional representation for the parliamentary electoral law, while the March 14-led opposition has voiced its objection to it.

Jumblat has also slammed the call, saying that it is aimed at limiting his political weight.

Concerning the dispute over the government’s extra-budgetary spending, Aoun renewed his accusation against President Michel Suleiman, holding him responsible for the failure to approve the $5.9 billion spending bill.

“I was informed by some institutions that they are facing financial difficulties because of the president has failed to sign the bill,” he revealed.

Cabinet members are at loggerheads over a $5.9 billion spending bill that would legalize the allocation of funds made by Premier Najib Miqati’s cabinet.

While the FPM, Amal and Hizbullah have pressured Suleiman to sign the bill into law over parliament’s failure to adopt it, ministers loyal to Jumblat have defended the head of state in his decision not to.

Suleiman claims that the bill includes violations that should be amended by taking into consideration the remarks made by the parliamentary finance and budget committee.

The failure to approve the bill has threatened to withhold the salaries of Lebanese civil servants although Finance Minister Mohammed Safadi gave assurances that the employees would receive their wages.

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Thumb geha 7 years

it seems today is the turn of the president, although I do not think he will refrain from attacking everyone else.
maybe in his mind, the best defense is attack? :)
what a claoun :)

Missing reformist 7 years

Geha beik bala kalem fade. Do you have facts? Show them, otherwise go play somewhere else!

Default-user-icon whatever (Guest) 7 years

umm the time when he was wearing that orange clown thing a few years ago :P and well for the attacking part u just have to listen to him every time he talks after those "meetings" of his party

Thumb jcamerican 7 years

SOS. Nothing new.

Default-user-icon P. T. Barnum (Guest) 7 years

Cue circus music, the clown has the stage!

Missing youssefhaddad 7 years

Still the dream of becoming president makes him hope that Suleiman will not be able to finish his term.

Default-user-icon buhda (Guest) 7 years

ur carzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
go see a shrink or u may be beyound help, find the highest building go to the roof and jump
may be this will be more dignity for your family

Missing reformist 7 years

ra7 tdallak ma'hour bouda bek :D

Missing reformist 7 years

hahahaha the future will tell mon cheri. Meanwhile count the number of comments each time the general appears in an article. This means a lot. Read about it habibi... If all he said was not valid, noone would care ;) simple conclusion!
love you x

Default-user-icon Minx (Guest) 7 years

The Lebanese need to know where did all the funds have dissapeared during the time you stole the primeministry....Stop acting like the innocent virgin, you have had your share of the people's funds so did your son-in law : abou noss lsein..AND STILL..

Missing reformist 7 years

minx the loser. Bring facts like they do w nehna ma3ak :)

Missing reformist 7 years

battal fi chi byetdakhan bhal balad. geagea wazza3oun killoun wa'ta fet 3al moukhayyamet ;)

Default-user-icon vededta (Guest) 7 years

"19 Feb 2010 – Aoun in Landmark Visit to Shouf, Vows to Start Another Phase" ... As usual rely on Aoun to breaks his vows.

Missing moonsear 7 years

hay2tak btefham mni7 bel doustour wel 2awanin

Default-user-icon spin aoun spin (Guest) 7 years

Oh great confirmed coward and delusional self proclaimed protector of the Christians why do you cover up the fact that the priest's kidnapers and members of the filthy Zionist infested bee2at al 7adinat and Iranian Islamic revolution in Lebanon were not arrested for kidnapping the priest. I thought it was illegal to kidnap a priest even if he was so bold as to baptize a Shiite girl against the wishes of her filthy turbaned terrorist dad.

Missing peace 7 years

is that a responsible speech from a man supposed to represent people?

Missing reformist 7 years

of course! Enough of money stolen and a hariri tweeting like a kid!

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) 7 years

the question is : why hassoun and esteez let him out now?

Default-user-icon LebExile (Guest) 7 years

Usually you can tell a crazy person just by looking at them - their eyes aren't straight, they have a funny confused look on their face, and the sway their arms uncontrollably - if you want to know what I mean - check the picture above...

Missing reformist 7 years

since wen ibneljabal can comment? Mannak men el jabal ma elak 3aze wala asel be pragmatic dude

Missing reformist 7 years

It will all come. tens of years of corruption and you want it solved in a few months?
just a valid example a wled el jabal w amteloun el bala jens el education : the trial of hariri has been ongoing for so many years and no results? ;)
things take time no?
Ah sorry you don't understand... kell wa7ad 3a add 3a'lo. Am loving it!

Missing ulpianus 7 years

He can take him to trial, but he still agreed on forming a government with him...

Thumb shab 7 years


Missing reformist 7 years

This is all you have to say? Get a life! Or bring facts. 7ake el batata ma elo 3aze ;) ma'houreen kelkoun lal mot. Fine! Fesho khele'koun we all find it fun to see you so upset :D:D:D

Thumb anonymouslb 7 years

Sad but true: this is what our political debate really is:

Default-user-icon Skyfall (Guest) 7 years

@ Slash, you dont need to argue with FPM followers, for they are ignorant and blindfolded people. Its not just that he didnt sue Sanioura or Hariri since he is now in power and can do everything, he has once again proved he is a liar because he said he would support the president which has been neutral and didnt even give to march 14th the STL , while Mikati approved it. March 8th forgot about the false witnesses, the STL, the reforms, the Solidere projects, etc.. habibe they are now in power, this is all they wanted. They didnt even move their fingers for the oil drilling while the " resistance " is now in power and can act freely against the Zionist ennemy. Wlef tfou 3a hek hebel that are following this crazy general. i understand for his mps because they are on the payroll of Syria like their master, but for the people who r receiving nothing?

Default-user-icon Skyfall (Guest) 7 years

We didnt just suffer from Jumblat, we suffered from Aoun's fake liberation war, he fought the syrians just because hafez didnt want to bring him president. Everybody knows that. half of this fool's ministers are SSNP not even FPM. He removed Nahhas because he didnt want to listen to Aoun and thought he would be by his side for the labor file. he fired Nahhas and brought a SSNP, to be sure he listens to him well because Syria wants this governement to stay, and then approved again the same proposition Nahhas made. How clear can all this be? also his son-in-law wanted to pocket 60 million $ in the power generating ships then Mikati renegotiated and there was 60 million less in 2hours of talks!! wlek ma3oul? where was this money going ? bunch of blinded idiots your master is fooling you and you are imbeciles .

Default-user-icon Gabby (Guest) 7 years

Cookoo, cookoo, is Tuesday o'clock again.

Missing reformist 7 years

we all need to dream! Like it was a national day when your kheyin bachir did ;) still celebrating ;)

Missing Cyanide 7 years

I don't want to even call you a general, i would prefer to call you a criminal.Enough is enough from you and your uneducated followers. When you want to start talking rubbish and making speeches that a 5 year old would, you need to be up for it. The only chair you are going to smell will be the one they have reserved for you in a mental institute or if you are lucky it will be the electric one. You want to start a war? leave your people to die and piss off again? To all the true lebanese people "PLEASE WAKE UP"

Default-user-icon The Truth (Guest) 7 years

If it wasn't for jumblatt this Aoun led government wouldn't even exist right now. He needs to learn to keep his mouth shut and go back to kissing Assad's behind while praising democracy.

Missing cedars 7 years

How old is Aoun? did he reach 85? m3aou nachaff?

Default-user-icon Elie Hebbo (Guest) 7 years

Mr. Aoun, how about ZOLOFT, XANAX, VALIUM, ATIVAN, KLONOPIN. Take your pick, all should work for you.

Missing ydafylsa 7 years

Thinking of it rationally every politician in Lebanon can successfully put almost any other one on trial.

Default-user-icon Truth (Guest) 7 years

I think this second tier General should be given a brain transplant once and for all. That could be the only way to improve his case and salvage him from mental confusion. But it's gonna probably be very difficult to find him a human donor !

Missing reformist 7 years

toli3 fi nes byefhamo on this website!

Missing reformist 7 years

no no please mention how much money was stolen. How a downtown is called Solidere (name of a company!!!). How that same company lost so much money and not able to pay salaries... How so many immoral things happened in the office of your ex PM (I won't mention them cos I am polite... He knows better ask him...). This is what we should be proud of ma hek?!

Missing reformist 7 years

lek mesh ahirkoun ella houwwe and WE ARE LOVING IT :D Mark you say stop but you post so many comments. Funny....

Missing reformist 7 years

Things are going our way even when try to block them and they will continue that way. This is our belief :) At least we have a cause we are fighting for... We didn't burn people in camps like your ba3ba3 did!

Default-user-icon trueself (Guest) 7 years

With all honesty, Aoun urgently needs mental assessment because his irratic moves and thinking indicate mental illness. While his age (78) doesn't leave room for any remedy, at least he should know that his distruction attitude is harming the Christian cause in lebanon. It's time that someone tell him this; although I know before hand that he only listens to his mental dysfunctionality.

Missing Cyanide 7 years

haha.. like that one

Thumb kesrweneh 7 years

min canada maybe you should come back home this will help you understand our constitution better. the president has the right to fill in when the parlament is unable to perform his duty. eg: in the spendings case the parlament did not accpet nor refuse the project, if he refused no one has the right to overrule them, got it??

Thumb kesrweneh 7 years

everytime the General speeks he has the highest number of comments possibel! comme quoi, the man is the number 1 lebanese, weather you like him or not

Default-user-icon Maroun (Guest) 7 years

more like no 1 clown.he is nothing but a fool....any person who support a dictator like an idiot

Default-user-icon لبناني عتيق (Guest) 7 years

you are wrong keserweneh! With a little bit analysis the most one who is Hated is who has given a big number of comments! Nasrallah first and Aoun second.
Note: Dr Geagea has a lot of comments, but its logical because of his Weighted speech!

Thumb sophia_angle 7 years

Ya ahla GENERAL!!! we lvu :D

Missing allouchi 7 years

Sm ;)

Thumb beiruti 7 years

Woof woof, the dog barks louder. You are on the wrong side of history. Aouni, leave this crazy man. When the time comes to run, he will not make room for you.

Missing allouchi 7 years

karim_m1, are you for real??? you sound just like a goat or sheep saying cheap slogans and following your master...pathetic.