Phalange Party: Renewal of Cedar Revolution Message to its Leader to End Concessions


The Phalange Party politburo praised on Monday the Lebanese who participated in the March 13 rally, noting that the renewal of the Cedar Revolution “is a message to all concerned sides and the March 14 leadership of the need to return to the essence of its cause and end concessions no matter how great the pressures.”

The party said in a statement after its weekly meeting that the people’s renewed commitment to the revolution should be met with the same commitment by the March 14 camp leaders to fulfill pledges.

The politburo also addressed the governmental situation in Lebanon, “especially the preparation to form a one-sided government.”

It said that there is a need to prepare for the phase following the formation of the government during which decisions over the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and Lebanon’s international agreements will be made, warning that any change in position over these matters will “incur very dangerous repercussions on Lebanon and its international relations.”