Jumblat Takes Responsibility for WikiLeaks Report: I Made those Statements When I Was Still Part of March 14 Camp


Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat did not deny on Friday the recent WikiLeaks report that quoted him as saying he hoped Israel would continue its assault on Lebanon during the July 2006 war in order to weaken Hizbullah militarily.

The MP said: “I take full responsibility for these statements that are a dark mark in my political career and I hope my position today would eliminate any harm I may have caused the Resistance, Syria, and the noble resistance fighters.”

“I will not enter into a pointless debate on whether the statements attributed to me are true as they were made when the political divide in the country was at its greatest and I was part of the March 14 camp at the time,” he added.

“Just to refresh the memory, I was the first to announce Hizbullah’s victory during the war regardless of the timing and circumstances surrounding the war,” Jumblat stressed.