LF on WikiLeaks Report: It Proved that Geagea Supports Solution of Limiting Weapons Possession to Army


The Lebanese Forces issued a clarification on Friday over the recent WikiLeaks cable published in Al-Akhbar on Friday in which LF leader Samir Geagea was quoted as saying that he supports turning Hizbullah into a problem on the internal Lebanese scene in order to weaken it.

The LF statement said that the cable revealed that Geagea does not employ double standards in his political rhetoric as the claims in the report are the same statements he still issues this very day.

In addition, the cable confirmed Geagea’s position towards the solution calling for limiting the possession of arms in Lebanon to the Lebanese army, respecting the Blue Line, and implementing United Nations Security Council resolutions 1559 and 1680.

“The Lebanese Forces is awaiting the release of the English version of the cable and for a non-biased translation” seeing as the Al-Akhbar article is based on an unpublished document, as stated by the newspaper, “which is a sign of complicity between Al-Akhbar and WikiLeaks,” the statement said.