Qassem: We Didn’t Hear Anything at March 13 Rally Worth Responding to


Hizbullah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem noted on Friday that there was nothing worth responding to at the March 14 rally last Sunday, saying that the party “has not and will not do so.”

He said: “We are not concerned with what they said and what happened at the event.”

“The developments on the Lebanese scene clearly demonstrate that the March 14 camp does not abide by the law or the Taif Accord or constitutional mechanisms,” he added.

“This was evident during the 2009 parliamentary elections when we accepted the results and lost the parliamentary majority and nothing happened in the country. But when the parliamentary majority recently shifted, the country went into an uproar,” he continued.

“Why? They are only concerned with remaining in power, which causes them to reject any solution. The chaos began with the day of rage” against the appointment of Najib Miqati as prime minister-designate, Qassem said.

“Where are their statements about committing to the constitution and Taif Accord? We implemented it, but they haven’t implemented anything they called for,” the Hizbullah official stated.

Addressing the WikiLeaks reports on Lebanese officials during the July 2006 war, he said: “The March 14 officials are trying to provide favors to Israel … These scandals reveal a wrong mindset.”

“We will respond to them by saying that the Resistance has become deep-rooted in Lebanon and this choice has left its mark on the entire Arab world” as demonstrated by the various revolts throughout the region, he noted.

“God willing the Resistance has overcome all the obstacles that pose a threat to Lebanon and it has become an integral part of Lebanon and its future,” Qassem concluded.