Singh: UNIFIL Ready to Demarcate Maritime Blue Line


UNIFIL spokesman Neeraj Singh confirmed that the international force is ready to help in the demarcation of the maritime border between Lebanon and Israel.

“The two countries have to approve our intervention,” he told As Safir in remarks published on Saturday.

He added: “The Lebanese army requested the international forces' assistance in this matter during the tripartite meeting that was held on March 7.”

Regarding the Lebanese army’s ability to take over of the areas south of the Litani River, Singh said “The Lebanese army will be able to enforce its abilities through strategic dialogue in order to implement resolution 1701.”

Concerning the dispute over the Ghajar village, he reiterated that Israel’s withdrawal from the northern part of the occupied border village is a none negotiable condition.

Singh stated that it was an imperative issue for Israel to withdraw from Ghajar as soon as possible.

“UNIFIL has made suggestions to facilitate Israel’s withdrawal in compliance with resolution 1701, and we started discussions with both sides and are continuing intense talks after the Israeli cabinet announced last November that it agreed in principle to UNIFIL’s proposal,” he told As Safir.

Asked if UNIFIL had ever intercepted ships loaded with arms, he responded that any suspected ship is referred to the Lebanese army to confirm that it doesn’t contain any illegitimate weapons.

“UNIFIL navy has intercepted more than 860 commercial ships and referred them to the Lebanese army for searching, but all ships were released after that,” Singh said.