Security Council Hopes Miqati’s Cabinet Would See Light ‘As Soon as Possible’

U.N. Security Council members have expressed hope that Premier-designate Najib Miqati would overcome obstacles and form a cabinet as “soon as possible.”

An Nahar daily said Wednesday that the 15-member Council also hoped the new government would remain committed to Lebanon’s international obligations, mainly the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.

The stances of Council diplomats were made during a closed-door meeting on Tuesday when U.N. Special Coordinator for Lebanon Michael Williams briefed them on his report on the implementation of Resolution 1701.

"Throughout the region, enormous shifts and upheavals are underway, and at the same time Lebanon remains high on the agenda at the Security Council," Williams told reporters after the session.

"We look forward for an early formation of a government which will help address the priorities of the Lebanese people, both in terms of political and security stability, but also in terms of social and economic requirements."

Williams said he has received reassurances from Miqati that the new government would "respect its engagements."

He stressed that the cabinet should enforce its territorial integrity, expressing regret at how Israeli aircraft and drones were violating Lebanese airspace on a nearly daily basis.

The unrest roiling across North Africa and the Middle East could impact Lebanon "in the long run rather positively," with some negative effects initially, he added.

The envoy also deplored the growing violence in Syria, plunged in unprecedented dissent for the past two weeks that activists say has left over 130 people dead in clashes with security forces. Officials have put the death toll at around 30.

But the events crisscrossing the region will eventually "positively" impact Lebanon, he added.(AFP-Naharnet)