French Minister's Slip Reveals 'Genital Database'


French Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux has become the latest senior official caught out by an embarrassing slip of the tongue, after he spoke on television of his "database of genital prints."

Hortefeux was apparently attempting to distinguish between police files of suspects' finger prints -- "empreintes digitales" -- and their DNA records -- "empreintes genetiques" -- mixing the two to form: "empreintes genitales."

The recording of his appearance on a Sunday night political discussion show has since become a viral hit on the Internet, spreading almost as quickly as a similar slip made last month by former justice minister Rachida Dati.

Dati laughed off her faux pas, which was seen 2.8 million times on just one video website and in which she misspoke while discussing inflation and instead declared that France was "at a time when fellatio is close to zero."(AFP)