Jumblat: Syria’s Security Essential to Lebanon’s Security, it Doesn’t Need Lectures on Nationalism from West


Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat noted on Thursday that Syrian President Bashar Assad’s speech on Wednesday presented positive possibilities that fundamental change will be introduced in Syria in favor of its people.

He said in a statement: “Should the Baath party decisions be implemented, then Syria’s national unity and internal stability will be fortified.”

“Syria does not need lectures on nationalism from suspicious western sides that claim that they want reform introduced in Syria when in reality they want to destroy it and drown it in chaos,” he added.

“As for those in Lebanon who are anxiously monitoring the developments in Syria, it would be helpful to remind them that Syria’s security is essential to Lebanon’s and therefore its stability falls in Lebanon’s national interest,” the MP stressed.

Jumblat stated: “On this note, we express our support to Syria and its people during these difficult times and hope that they will safely overcome this phase.”