Partial Results of Middle School Official Exams Announced


The results of the middle school official exams, Brevet (BR), were announced on Saturday afternoon for Beirut, the South, Nabatiyeh and the North.

The results for the rest of the districts, Mount Lebanon and the Bekaa, are set to be announced on Monday.

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Default-user-icon ror (Guest) 5 years

shu ya3ne natija mou3allaka?

Default-user-icon علي غبريس (Guest) 5 years

متى ستضع ادارة الموقع النتائج التفصيلية للشهادة المتوسطة؟؟؟ نرجو الرد سريعاً

Default-user-icon Ahmad Ghozlan (Guest) 5 years

thanks a lot.. but aren't you going to give us the detailed results?? (mean the mark for each subject)

Default-user-icon bilal baytie (Guest) 5 years

wel 3alamet betafsil 2emten????????????????

Default-user-icon zahraa (Guest) 5 years

plz reply and tell us how can we get the marks for each subject..?????

Default-user-icon sousou (Guest) almost 5 years

emta nnateyej ra7 tetla3 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 7ada yredd

Default-user-icon R (Guest) 4 years

7ada bya3rif aymtin nateyij l terminale bibalcho ?

Default-user-icon Mano (Guest) 4 years

مدير العام للتربية : نتائج امتحانات الشهادة المتوسطة بمواعيدها المحددة إبتداء من الإثنين المقبل والأخبار المتداولة عن تأجيل

.صدورها شائعات

Stay Tuned: Monday 22/7/2013 -> Wednesday 24/7/2013

Good Luck !

Default-user-icon حسين عامر مراد (Guest) 3 years