Berri: An Active Government is a Must to Help Inmates

Speaker Nabih Berri reiterated on Wednesday during his weekly meetings with lawmakers that discussions are carried out to get rid of all disputes over the government formation.

“There are no more March 8 forces but a national front,” Berri said.

Ultimately the governmental crisis “will ease,” he remarked to An-Nahar.

Berri stressed the parliament was willing to help all prisoners by proposing draft laws. Inmates “need an active government not a caretaking cabinet.”

A session of parliamentary committees will be held on Thursday over the request of some inmates’ families.

The speaker discussed with lawmakers the developments in the Ivory Coast. He praised the way the lebanese expatriates’ return to Lebanon from Abidjan was handeled.

He rejected the remarks of some officials from the new parliamentary majority that Premier-designate Najib Miqati would give up his task to form the new cabinet.

“Be relieved,” the man can endure a lot, he said to An-Nahar newspaper.