Brevet Results for Bekaa, Mount Lebanon Regions Announced


The results of the Middle School official exams, Brevet, for students in the Bekaa and Mount Lebanon regions were released on Monday.

The results can be found on the naharnet website.

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Default-user-icon mira (Guest) over 2 years


Default-user-icon mhmd (Guest) over 2 years

gd resulta

Default-user-icon Carol Zougheib (Guest) over 2 years

Merci d'avance

?points de rachat pour le brevet

Default-user-icon اات (Guest) over 2 years

من هو اللأعلا في لبنان؟

Default-user-icon imad (Guest) over 2 years

is there a way to know a number from someones name?

Default-user-icon zahraa (Guest) over 2 years

kif menjiib l results m3 l 3alamet l mfasali?

Default-user-icon georges (Guest) over 2 years

i need to now when the next tour of brevet 2012

Default-user-icon annabel (Guest) over 2 years

18099 please

Default-user-icon marc (Guest) almost 2 years

51887 plz

Default-user-icon Samer (Guest) almost 2 years

69735 plz tell me

Default-user-icon karim (Guest) almost 2 years

92939 lnatije plz

Default-user-icon karim (Guest) almost 2 years

ra2me 92939 plz

Default-user-icon rasha (Guest) over 1 year

jabal lbnen nezlo lnateyej ????

Default-user-icon rasha (Guest) over 1 year

tol3o nateyej jabal lbnen ???

Default-user-icon tamer hassan (Guest) over 1 year

Brevet results 2013 mount liban

Default-user-icon Carine (Guest) over 1 year

Pls send me my result brevet mont liban my nb : 57988

Default-user-icon Unknown (Guest) over 1 year

54770 plz reply

Default-user-icon nancy (Guest) over 1 year

Pls I need the resultd for this nbr 57345 / 56512

Default-user-icon samah hatoum (Guest) over 1 year


Default-user-icon mohammad (Guest) over 1 year

pls brevet result of 69295

Default-user-icon joey (Guest) over 1 year

Plz 52908

Default-user-icon Ghada (Guest) over 1 year

55759 mount Lebanon

Default-user-icon abe (Guest) over 1 year

you guys have to push on the to right were it said official exam result 2013.... and then u choose brevet and your number

Default-user-icon mahmoud (Guest) over 1 year

i need the result of this number plz(53041) rply plz

Default-user-icon michel aziz assaf (Guest) over 1 year

My number is 52034 plz rply

Default-user-icon ryan (Guest) over 1 year

52541 jbl lebnen please

Default-user-icon Hanadi (Guest) over 1 year

I need the result of this number 20098

Default-user-icon Moustafa (Guest) 11 months

I want the results of this number

Default-user-icon ralph (Guest) 10 months

56966 please

Default-user-icon Hussein (Guest) 9 months