U.S. Warns of Repercussions of Arming Hizbullah

Prime Minister Saad Hariri's discussions with U.S. officials covered "details" on a number of issues concerning Lebanon, including the Israeli-occupied village of Ghajar, Hizbullah arms and renewal of Syrian-Lebanese ties, An-Nahar newspaper said Thursday.

It quoted U.S. sources as saying that Hariri's talks in Washington also tackled U.S. efforts, particularly attempts by Special Envoy to the Middle East George Mitchell to revive negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

While Hariri expressed frustration at the continued Israeli occupation of Ghajar, U.S. officials voiced similar fears -- warning of repercussions of the transfer of arms from Syria to Hizbullah on chances for resurrecting negotiations between Israel and Syria.

Reliable sources said Mitchell emphasized during the meeting with Hariri on a comprehensive settlement of the Middle East conflict, stressing its significance to Lebanon.