Jumblat Says March 8 to Increase 'Valium' Intake over Feltman-Khamenei Meeting


Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat mocked March 8 majority leaders for needing anti-depressant pills after U.N. Under-Secretary General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman met with Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

“What was the impact of Sayyed Khamenei’s meeting of Feltman on some March 8 members?” Jumblat wondered in remarks published in An Nahar daily on Friday.

“Some of them are uncomfortable and will increase their consumption of Valium pills when they go to sleep,” the PSP chief mocked.

Feltman attended on Wednesday a meeting between U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon and Khamenei on the sidelines of the summit of the Non-Aligned Movement in Tehran.

The Hizbullah-led March 8 coalition is backed by Iran and has repeatedly accused Feltman, who was U.S. assistant secretary of state for near eastern affairs before taking the U.N. job, of inciting the March 14 opposition against the Shiite party.

On Lebanon’s chairmanship of the Arab League Ministerial Council on Sept. 5, Jumblat warned that such a move would reflect negatively on the Lebanese government.

“The coming days will prove my words,” he told An Nahar.

Reports have said that top Lebanese officials were divided on whether Lebanon to assume that role.

As Safir daily quoted on Tuesday a cabinet minister loyal to Jumblat as saying that the PSP ministers and those loyal to President Michel Suleiman prefer to reject Lebanon’s mission in the Arab League and ask Libya to take over the chairmanship of the Ministerial Council.

The centrist parties believe that this role would further instigate tension in Lebanon which has been reeling from a political and security crisis, the newspaper said.

An Nahar also asked Jumblat about a rally that the PSP is organizing near Samir Kassir Square in downtown Beirut on Friday afternoon to demand Syrian Ambassador Ali Abdul Karim Ali’s expulsion.

But the Druze leader refused to comment, saying he gives the organizers the “freedom to decide” what statement to issue during the rally.

He also denied that the ministers loyal to him had ties to the call by the PSP youth movement for Ali’s expulsion.

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Thumb shab almost 8 years

The struck a deal eliminating March 8. They will need more than Valium.

Missing maroun almost 8 years

they know there days are numbered.Valium will not help them .

Missing freedom1 almost 8 years

They dont need Valium ,they need a ship to take them to Iran..

Thumb anonymouslb almost 8 years

It'd be great if all M8 took a ship to Iran, all M8 a jet to Israel, and leave Lebanon to the Lebanese...

Thumb anonymouslb almost 8 years

"all M14 a jet to Israel..."

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) almost 8 years

waiting by the river is so interesting

Thumb shab almost 8 years

numbers don't mean a thing. Your opinion is important

Thumb primesuspect almost 8 years


Thumb anonymouslb almost 8 years


Thumb anonymouslb almost 8 years

looool your comment proves that M8 and M14 are 2 faces of the same coin...

Thumb anonymouslb almost 8 years

I don't see where M8 would have a problem with a Feltman-Khamenei meeting?
Rivals meet often... Hafez el Assad and Kissinger met numerous times... I though Jumblat was more subtle...

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) almost 8 years

assad executed the kessinger plan:
1) didnt he give israel the "peaceful golan
2)didnt he get lebanon in return for the same period
3)didnt he send his army to cover the invasion of irak
4)didnt he stir religious conflicts in the area and especially in lebanon..
but bilad el arz are prevailing no doubt about it.

Thumb anonymouslb almost 8 years

I just think ya tonyfarris that more M8 and non-partisan people are connecting to Naharnet

Default-user-icon Holango Zofiry (Guest) almost 8 years

And who knows more about narcotics than the pusher and addict himself?

Thumb Marwan34 almost 8 years

Who cares about Jumblatt ?
Can't he stop fooling everyone

Thumb Marc almost 8 years

Haraket_Amal: Come on, jumblatt is Berri's best friend! Check with your boss

Thumb shab almost 8 years

I prefer Amal. They have slaughtered many from the filthy Persian militia. They are the only true representative of Lebanese Shiaa.

Thumb lebanon_first almost 8 years

valium ya beik? it takes one to know one...

Missing samuel almost 8 years

Mate (The 1 Phoenix) hold your horses for a minute. As you are will aware that non is better than the other here. Not any of the Lebanese politicians are clean of the war crimes not to include the use and abuse of public property and money to their own advantage.

Furthermore, you are talking about the real war. what do you know about it? Have you lived it ? where you in a location were people were living their days with only gods mercy to protect them ?

Mate we did all lose a lot. The only people that gained were the politicians and their dogs. you and me lost our families and for what reason? so that all these idiots will decide that everything is OK and after they drowned the country into years of misery and destruction while they filled their pockets and egos.

If I where you, id rather waste my time on something meaningful not pitiful as these scum.

Mate grow up and get a life. people reached Mars and still we are arguing about a Mars bar in Lebanon..