Aoun Responding to Miqati’s Statements that he Will Not Surrender: His War is with Himself

Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun called on Friday Prime Minister-designate Najib Miqati to take his time in the government formation process, saying that he should not be given any deadlines in this issue.

The MP made his statements in response to Miqati’s announcement from Baabda on Thursday that he will be giving himself more time in the government formation.

Commenting on the premier-designate’s statements that he will not give up in the formation, Aoun said: “His war is with himself.”

The MP made his statements before journalists after holding talks with Faisal Karami, the son of former Prime Minister Omar Karami.

“The government has not been formed because the conditions for it are not yet available,” he noted.

Aoun stressed that he does not have demands, only rights.

Addressing media reports that President Michel Suleiman is still insisting on maintaining the Interior and Defense Ministries, he stated: “Review the constitution. Rights are not opinions, but written words. I always speak based on the written word, which I respect.

“They are violating my rights and those launching the aggression should make concessions,” he concluded.