Report: ‘Tacit Time Limit’ to Carry out Illegal Construction Near Airport


Hizbullah and Amal movement have given the green light to residents near Beirut airport to carry out illegal construction work, An Nahar newspaper reported on Thursday without naming the two parties.

It said the “de facto powers” have given residents a “tacit time limit” to carry out the wave of building violations on state property mainly in Ouzai and the areas near Rafik Hariri international airport.

According to the daily, several buildings are also being sold illegally.

“Unlike all the stances made by involved political parties on the issue of violations on state property, further steps were made in the past few days to consolidate the de facto situation and prevent the success of the internal security forces campaign to remove the violations,”

An Nahar said.

“This, in addition to attacks on security forces and their interception in the regions of the south and the southern suburbs,” it added.

On Wednesday, the daily quoted Caretaker Public Works Minister Ghazi Aridi and Interior Minister Ziad Baroud as saying that illegal construction was flourishing despite the crackdown.

They warned against the disastrous results of this encroachment on aviation safety.