Miqati: We Won't Leave Lebanon in Political Vacuum that Leads to Chaos


Prime Minister Najib Miqati stressed on Tuesday that dialogue is the best means to unite and enforce Lebanon in light of the current dangerous regional conditions.

“We cannot solve national issues through stubbornness and arrogance, but through dialogue. We need to find common grounds on which all Lebanese meet in order to fortify our nation during this dangerous regional situation,” stressed Miqati before his visitors at the Grand Serail.

The PM reiterated: “We will continue to shoulder responsibility because the current circumstances require so. We cannot leave the country in political vacuum that could lead to chaos. All leaders are required to meet at the national table of dialogue instead of adopting negative means and boycotting parliamentary work.”

The opposition March 14 alliance decided to boycott parliamentary work until the cabinet resigns.

Its decision came following the assassination of Internal Security Forces Intelligence Bureau chief Brigadier General Wissam al-Hasan, as it blames the government for covering up the crime which it blamed on Syria.

Indirectly referring to the heated rhetoric of the opposition, Miqati stressed: “None of the heated statements can affect my national and personal convictions to shoulder responsibility as long as the circumstances require so.

“I have always called for what protects Lebanon instead of resorting to negativity and boycotts, which have proven ineffective in the past,” he added.

On demands for the cabinet to resign, Miqati said: “We have to follow the constitution. Any decision taken is up to the Lebanese people.”

Hasan was assassinated on October 19 in a massive car bomb in Beirut's Ashrafiyeh district that left three dead and more than 100 wounded.

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Default-user-icon Fadi (Guest) over 7 years

People of Achrafieh: Beware of Political Vacuum that leads to chaos!!!

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) over 7 years

that's the last information given to u by brother taha?

Default-user-icon Gomez (Guest) over 7 years

Hey Lurch Najeep, go get a Roomba it's a very good vacuum and you only have to set it once and go and just like now you don't have to do anything.

Missing peace over 7 years

LOL... there is already vacuum and chaos...

(FT: spare me only between my ears, ok! find something better this time :) ....)

Thumb bigsami over 7 years

FT.....Farsi Talks (crap)........lol!

Thumb geha over 7 years

they talk abut chaos and their cabinet is the source of chaos.
if there was a proper cabinet, we would not have all these socio-econimical issues that are driving the country to disaster.
if there was a proper cabinet, we would not hae a state within a state.
if we had a proper cabinet, we would have had accountability for murderors, and criminals would be handed over to justice.
if we had a preoper cabinet, we would not have aoun manipulating th judiciary about a fake attempt on his life.
and they talk about chaos!

Default-user-icon AZ (Guest) over 7 years

"We cannot leave the country in political vacuum that could lead to chaos" Where has Miqati been living?

"Any decision taken is up to the Lebanese people."

Did he forget that the Lebanese people actually elected him as a part of the March 14th alliance? Where was his respect for the Lebanese people when he chose to disregard the votes that put him in the government and agreed to switch political sides?

Missing rami over 7 years

What is the use of the ashtray beside the telephone?

Default-user-icon Wastango Kajabriti (Guest) over 7 years

Who cares about vacuum? March 14, to be completely honest with you, given the choice between Miqati's vacuum and March 14's hot air, anyone sane would take hot air anytime. Do you want to know why? Well, just think about it for a second: too much hot air will cause everybody but those who bask in it to run for their lives, leaving behind them a vacuum that March 14 will surely fill with more hot air! That would be the best of both worlds! More vacuum but also more hot air! Isn't life beautiful, March 14?

Missing mohammad_ca over 7 years

governments come and go...sho ref3een elsama 3ana b3asa? let this hizbocrap government fall...