Report: Suleiman Told Assad he Wanted to Visit Syria as Expression of Support


President Michel Suleiman and Premier-designate Najib Miqati have reportedly held telephone conversations with Syrian President Bashar Assad lately.

Well-informed sources told As Safir newspaper in remarks published Friday that Suleiman and Assad discussed the latest developments in Syria.

They said that Suleiman expressed to his Syrian counterpart his willingness to visit Damascus as an expression of support but Assad thanked the Lebanese president and did not agree with him on a date for such a trip.

As Safir said that a phone conversation also took place between Miqati and Assad. It did not say what the two men discussed about.

Al-Akhbar daily quoted informed political sources as saying that Miqati, who traveled to London on a private visit last week, visited Damascus before heading to Europe and met with Assad away from the media spotlight.