Jumblat Warns that Political Vacuum Wearing Out Lebanon

Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat has said that Damascus encourages all Lebanese sides to make concessions to end the political vacuum that is “wearing the country away.”

“It is not true that Damascus has no interest in forming the government,” As Safir newspaper quoted him as saying in remarks published Friday. On the contrary, Jumblat said that he heard Syrian encouragement for all Lebanese sides to make concessions and form the government.

The new parliamentary majority should speed up the formation of the new cabinet because “the political vacuum is wearing the country away bit by bit.”

The Druze leader unveiled that he had to personally interfere in the efforts to reopen the Sofar road after youth protesting the rise in fuel prices blocked it with burning tires on Wednesday night.

He said he mediated for five hours to end the crisis.

The MP warned that the vacuum is wearing out the country’s politics, economy and living conditions and consolidating chaos. Jumblat also said that the regional developments, including the tumult in Syria, should speed up the cabinet formation process.