Geagea Opens 2-Day Congress: LF Not Party of Single Person


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea said Friday that the LF is the party of the cause and history and not the party of a person.

During the opening of the two-day congress that will discuss the LF by-laws, Geagea said: “The by-laws in our hands today took five years of intense work.”

“I thank the drafting committee for spending hundreds of hours to develop and rewrite the by-laws,” he told some 100 LF conferees who are officially registered in the interior ministry.

At the end of the congress, the LF is set to approve the by-laws, which will guarantee by the end of 2012 the election of its leader by either LF members at large, or the party’s general congress.

On Friday and Saturday, the party’s members will hold separate voting sessions on each of the 303 proposed articles.

“What we are building is for all the Lebanese and not just LF members,” Geagea said. “It would lead to straightening up many distortions that marked Lebanese (political) life since the independence.”