Thursday’s Strike Halted as al-Hasan Decides to Give Drivers Free 12 and Half Gasoline Jerry Cans Monthly


Lebanon’s land transportation unions on Wednesday decided to call off a strike scheduled for Thursday, following talks with caretaker Finance Minister Rayya al-Hasan.

Under the agreement reached between al-Hasan and the unions, every taxi or truck driver will be granted monthly free 12 and a half jerry cans of gasoline for a 3-month period, which would be extended for another three months should the cabinet formation impasse drag on or in case gasoline prices were not lowered below LBP 25,000 per jerry can (20 liters).

This step “is not only aimed at supporting the drivers, but also at avoiding a hike in public transportation fees,” al-Hasan said, noting that “Lebanese citizens, especially those with low income and middle income, really need this support.”

The transportation sector had decided to go on strike on Thursday to protest the soaring fuel prices and demand a price cap on rising gasoline prices.

Meanwhile, this week's fuel prices witnessed a slight decline after the decrease in world oil prices. The gasoline prices decreased by LBP100, diesel by LBP800, while diesel oil and gas by LBP700.

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