Naharnet Launches its New Website


This week marks a new decade for Naharnet as it bids farewell to its 10-year-old website and enters a new era with a groundbreaking Content Management Platform completely built in-house.

The initial Naharnet 2.0 website will slowly develop into a new environment that will redefine Naharnet as a digital and social media destination for the Lebanese and Arabs across the world.

Naharnet 2.0 aims to provide users with a richer content experience with many new and innovative features. In the coming months, Naharnet will be beta testing its new platform and gradually announcing exciting services and features, giving users the ability to:

• Produce, Publish, Promote and Discover content

• Personalize their content stream according to their interests

• Connect to users with similar interests

Visitors are invited to test our new website and to participate in the ongoing development process by providing feedback and ideas.

They are encouraged to register again in order to take full advantage of the greater and richer experience. They can also use their Facebook Connect or Twitter profiles, if they wish.

As Naharnet transitions to its new platform within the coming months, old services such as e-mail, Mobile Center and other sections will be gradually discontinued or replaced.

Join Naharnet 2.0 today at and be amongst the first to receive and test exclusive updates on new features as they are released.

Naharnet can also be accessed from Facebook and followed on Twitter

About Naharnet

Naharnet is one of the first Lebanese online media outlets founded in September 2000.

Naharnet quickly grew to become one of the leading portals in the Lebanese market and diaspora spreading over 220 countries. It provides news, information, entertainment, mobile and social networking services.

Naharnet currently focuses on providing real-time political news and information about Lebanon, the Middle East and the world, in English and Arabic, as an independent and unbiased news organization and purely digital media.

Comments 21
Default-user-icon Mike (Guest) almost 9 years

I don't like the new design...

Default-user-icon Anonymous Lebanese (Guest) almost 9 years

Nice new site. Well done.

Default-user-icon Asaf, Israel (Guest) almost 9 years

Much better! The old site looked terrible.

Default-user-icon Gebran Sons (Guest) almost 9 years

Congratulations Naharnet! Nice face lift

Default-user-icon joseph (Guest) almost 9 years

about bloody time!!

Default-user-icon RMD (Guest) almost 9 years

التصميم الجديد للموقع افضل من السابق بكثير و مبروك

Default-user-icon Wael (Guest) almost 9 years

Congratulations on the new design. It's sleek, crisp, and definitely much needed.... keep up the great work!

Default-user-icon Michel (Guest) almost 9 years

Not a fan of the new site:

1- Too much news. The old site was concise and presented filtered news. THis one has all kind of crap on it.
2- Too many features and gadgets. Almost childinsh with all the comments, thumbs up and down, Facebook links, Tweets, etc.... who cares. We just want raw and accurate news.
3- Keep it simple.
4- Doesn't work well on mobile. (this will probably get fixed soon)
5- The live coverage section is annoying now. It used to present point form of what happened. Now it goes back 23 hours, 24 hours, etc. That's not live anymore.
Too bad. I need to find a new source of concise info on Lebanon.

Default-user-icon Beirut (Guest) almost 9 years

Congrats for the news design, but could you please bring back Gebran Tueini's picture.

Default-user-icon Daniel (Guest) almost 9 years

wow this is great, thanks

Default-user-icon Liberator (Guest) almost 9 years

More Space for the Live feed PLEASE!! And the info on Live Feed goes too quickly... no time to read them.....
Too much info on the main page... the site needs to be aired... a lot!!!

Default-user-icon The Maxx (Guest) almost 9 years

I hope that the Naharnet facelift will also include a renewed commitment the use of a modern spell-checker and less slipshod English on the behalf of the writers.

Default-user-icon Mazen (Guest) almost 9 years

I much preferred the simple "old" design. It was filtered and took you straight to the most important news. I wish they would go back to it but make the background white and font black like the new site. That would make it even more simple. The more simple, the better. I wish the were an alternative; i would use it if there were.

Default-user-icon Ali (Guest) almost 9 years

Asaf, "israel", nobody cares what you think and why did you add the word "israel" in your name when country isent requested? Are you trying to impress us or what? Pathetic zionist. Go to haaretz or whatever zionist website you like, dont post here, your not welcomed.

Default-user-icon eXiled (Guest) almost 9 years

Congratulations!! Rails is the best, glad that Lebanon started adopting new techonologies

Default-user-icon khaled (Guest) almost 9 years

congrats...very nice...big improvement...i love it

Default-user-icon Asaf, Israel (Guest) almost 9 years

Dear Ali. I know the country is not requested in the new site and it's a shame in my opinion. I'm not trying to impress anyone, but I prefer to put everything on the table, so if anyone wishes to ignore me because I'm Israeli he will be able to do so. I suppose my name is enough though, since I don't think this name exist in any other country. About Haaretz, Al-Manar is more Zionist than them.

Default-user-icon Ali A. (Guest) almost 9 years

Welcome Asaf! I prefer to read your comments than these comments which are just stupid, subjective and which are beside the point. Everyone should be welcomed to post comments here and it shoulnd't matter from where. Yallah, c u soon and have a great day! Ali A.

Default-user-icon Mike (Guest) almost 9 years

Congratulations! Very clear...easy to browse...simple and intelligent.

Default-user-icon leba (Guest) 8 years

on n'arrive a ouvrir notre compte

Default-user-icon Ali (Guest) 7 years

افضل موقع شاهدته لحد الان تكرموا