Suleiman: Internal Developments Require us to Form Government and Hold National Dialogue


President Michel Suleiman stated on Wednesday that the internal developments in Lebanon require the formation of a government and the staging of comprehensive national dialogue.

He said before his visitors that this would help fortify the internal scene against local and regional developments.

“Attempts to meddle in Lebanon’s affairs and create strife among its people will fail because the Lebanese are united,” he stressed.

Addressing regional developments, Suleiman noted that the Palestinians’ right to return to their homeland has been recognized by the United Nations.

Furthermore, the president emphasized that the 2002 Arab peace initiative is the “best way to achieve comprehensive and just peace.”

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Default-user-icon Gebran Sons for Cedar Revolution II in 2013 (Guest) over 9 years

President Suleiman and VP Miquati got game! So far they outfoxed M8 pirates and kept them at bay for 4 months, still 12 to go until 2012 elections when M8 MPs will be soundly defeated by the rising Lebanese Spring expressed on March 13, FPM will become a dark memory in Lebanese history, and Hizbollahstan will join Syria in being the latest grounds liberated from its tyrants....