Ashkenazi: Hizbullah Poses Biggest Challenge to Israeli Army

Former Israeli Army Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi has said that Hizbullah poses the greatest challenge to the Jewish state’s military.

"Despite the criticism against the Second Lebanon War, deterrence has increased in its wake…. Still, if Hizbullah wanted to, it could fire a massive amount of rockets at nearly any point on Israel's map,” Ashkenazi said during a conference at Bar Ilan University on Wednesday.

“But it (Hizbullah) could never take Galilee, any more than Hamas could take the Negev,” he said.

Ashkenazi said that the region's agenda is being dictated by two non-Arab countries – Iran and Turkey.

“Without Iran's support, Hamas and Hizbullah would not be what they are today, so the Israeli army must be prepared for the Iranian challenge,” he told the conference.

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Default-user-icon Asaf, Israel (Guest) over 9 years

Mowaten, without Iranian and Syrian support, along with drug money, what would be of HA? We've been without American support until 1973 and we did just fine.

Default-user-icon Ali A. (Guest) over 9 years

Dear Asaf, regarding your comments about Syrian and Iranian support I totally agree with you. But that Israel has been without any American support since 1973 is not correct. What about the military aid you received? Worth billions of USD. What about the Dolphin submarines Israel got from Germany (approx. 1.5 billion EUR)? You got them for free! Anyhow, I appreciate reading your comments and you are welcome to keep on posting here...yallah, see you soon, Ali A. (not Ali).