Dar al-Fatwa to Sue Aoun for ‘Inciting Strife,’ Advises him to Treat Himself

Dar al-Fatwa is planning to sue Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun for libel and defamation after he allegedly described members of the Sunni sect as “terrorists.”

Mufti Sheikh Mohammed Rashid Qabbani blasted the lawmaker on Wednesday, saying: “Let Aoun know that doing harm to any sect, means harming all sects in Lebanon.”

Secretary-General of the Higher Islamic Council Sheikh Khaldoun Oraymet told pan-Arab daily Asharq al-Awsat in remarks published Thursday that Aoun’s stances “are hostile to Islam and Arabism.”

He accused the FPM chief of becoming an Iranian agent although he expressed belief that his “guardians” reject his stances and consider the Arab-Iranian cooperation as the basis of stability in the region.

“Dar al-Fatwa has tasked several lawyers to prepare a legal file and file a lawsuit against Aoun for inciting sectarian strife among the Lebanese,” Oraymet said.

He added that the lawmaker would also be sued for “libel and defamation” after he was quoted as saying in several WikiLeaks cables that “the Maronite-Shiite alliance is the only means to confront the local and external Sunni threat.”

According to WikiLeaks, Aoun has also said that Sunnis are “terrorists.”

The FPM chief is suffering from the “Hariri complex,” Oraymet told Asharq al-Awsat about Aoun’s dispute with Caretaker Premier Saad Hariri, advising him to “treat himself.”

The Hariri family “has worked and is working on building an Arab independent Lebanon while Aoun wants Lebanon (to become) an Iranian protectorate,” he added.

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Default-user-icon GAB (Guest) over 9 years

The Hariri family is running the state like a business corporate that allows the family to increase its fortune. Solidere is the most striking example, whereby it made people bankrupt by forcing them to sell their property for very low values, and by ruining the state finances under their reign!

Default-user-icon Luxumberg Bob (Guest) over 9 years

How weak and desperate must they be that a religious institution is degrading itself to such a level.

The biggest victim of the hairiris and their employees are the honorable Sunnis of Lebanon for what they have done to them and their religious authority.


Default-user-icon Mike (Guest) over 9 years

There is one thing which is a certainty: this man must treat himself .....

Default-user-icon Anonymous (Guest) over 9 years

Aoun and Hariri should both be tried for high treason. Both of them sold Lebanon to their foreign masters. Syria/Iran for one, KSA/USA/Israel for the other.

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) over 9 years


Default-user-icon Pacifier (Guest) over 9 years

Gab before saying stupid things and expressing your dumb ideas, you should check who is the solidere's second biggest shareholder, its a christian affiliated to the FPM, so cut the crap you and your hypocrit GMA, and instead ask yourself where are the 15 million that your general stole when he ran away in pyjamas in 91, or even the 1Billion + that your ally Berri took from the energy ministry, and why not the hundreds of '' special '' license plates Frangieh distributed to Zgharta and Ehden locals when he was Interior minister...when you want to judge someone, start by judging the people your side too

Default-user-icon Nadim (Guest) over 9 years

Has Dar al-Fatwa heard of Saad Hariri and his speeches? How about Muhammada Ali al-Jouzou? OK, skip these two. Let's try Mustafa Alloush, Ahmad Fatfat, Ahmad Hariri, Mohammad Kabbara.... This Dar is more appropriately referred to as Dar al-Fitna, run by a corrupt man who deserves the title of Muftin of the Republic.

Default-user-icon Charbel (Guest) over 9 years

Pacifier....put a pacifier in your mouth and chill.....I love keef bit alfo il kizbe wbit sad2ouwa!!!

Just because your masters are thieves and extremists, doesn't make everyone else the same. Yuo've always had the ministry of justice and interior in your control and GMA has always asked you to open up any fils that you wish and you haven't...fa 7eje tkazbo 3a 7alkon.

Step aside son, your time has come and gone...its time for a new era of change and reform.


Default-user-icon Django (Guest) over 9 years

ميشال عون مجنون

Default-user-icon GAB (Guest) over 9 years

First, I'm not affiliated to any political party, so don't talk to me about "my allies".
Second, you're turning the debate into a religious/confessional matter, while I spoke about the wrong doings of the Hariris in running thenstate like a privaate enterprise.
Third, it;s strange how the numbers grow by the hour as some time ago people accuse Gen Aoun of "stealing" 600 th US$ and now you claim it became 15 million! If this is true, he must be a very clever business man and it's about time he takes over. Anyway the only lawsuit that was filed against him was turned down for lack of evidence. So I beg you to send me YOUR EVIDENCE for the 15mUS$!!!!
Please try to keep the discussion at a decent level and for once let's teach our politicians to be respectful of one another.

Default-user-icon Nader (Guest) over 9 years

Plain simple: Aoun is a moron. He is not fit to be a politician and definitely doesn't fit to represent a single christian

Default-user-icon NADER (Guest) over 9 years

Aoun is a moron

Default-user-icon Sleiman (Guest) over 9 years


Default-user-icon Sarita Gonzalez (Guest) over 9 years

it would be important what is told, can be done in real way throw legal actions, in order to set up one FIRST RECORD, to avoid in the future, the bad custom what some people have, about calling to others, depending how their humor is or according the temperarure of circunstances, Being as things are in the country and region, words must be well measured before throwing them in the air, worst if their meaning is to separate, insult, etc, EVERYBODY DESERVES RESPECT INDEPANT OF HIS CONDITION, RELIGION, STATUS

Default-user-icon Milad (Guest) over 9 years

with respect to all, it is very disapointed to have seen the Lebanese new generation come to this low value and our Lebanon is going through rough time while the world around us is suffering and trying to shape up the future while we are arguing about our past, when we should learn from it. my question is, where are the Lebanese brains which can shape the world? have we forgotten who we are? why can we not get up and shake the dust away and press forward to a new Lebanon, new future, new light in the Middle East and the world, have we forgotten our history? I beleive we can do it. God bless Lebanon.

Default-user-icon Muhamad (Guest) over 9 years

Today we have seen how are many Lebanese politicians addicted to the Arab oil money and they can hide the truth for that purpose.
The word Arab is not a country, it is an Arabphone just like Francophone or Soviet union and so on. The truth is that Arab belong to the tribes of Saudia Arabia and the Syrian desert. Lebanon and Lebanese are the real Phoenician People for many reason, despite the fact that there is no tree up without roots to hold it, the same thing if we want to go up, our Phoenician history is our roots and it is in our blood(DNA). we all understand the need for the Arab market and membership to servive in the region, but this is not a reason to hide our real identity and to our children about their real Phoenician heritage. The Phoenician are very unique people for some people is hard to understand or difficult to translate, but I can tell you if the Greek and Jews are there, so the Phoenicians too, we are on the east cost of the Mediterranean from the land of the Cedar

Default-user-icon John (Guest) over 9 years

Sectarian rhetoric only helps the Israeli enemy, but Hariri wants an "independent Arab Lebanon". Yeah, that is dominated by the American-Zionists. Being an Iranian agent is ten times better for an "Arab Lebanon" than one that is under the Israeli hegenomy.

Thumb shab over 9 years

Religion is the root to all evil, and Lebanon's fall