Lieberman: Iran Involved in Lebanese Developments, Suppressing Syria Protests


Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman stated on Monday that even though the international community has focused its attention on the developments in the Arab world and negotiations between Palestine and Israel, the real danger in the region comes from Iran,

Confronting this danger should be a priority for Israel’s foreign policy, he added.

“Iran is at the head of the axis of evil,” he declared.

“It is taking part in suppressing the protests in Syria and it is involved in all developments in Lebanon and Yemen,” Lieberman stressed.

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Thumb shab 9 years

Bomb Iran

Missing urotherside 9 years

The Evil speaketh. Man you are one ugly guy too.

Default-user-icon Pacifier (Guest) 9 years

Bomb both Iran and Israel, and please add Syria too as well as Hilary clinton, Lebanon First and only and for ever.

Thumb ado.australia 9 years

Sounds slot like mustaqbul members

Default-user-icon Omar Beiruti (Guest) 9 years

Go back to moldavia lieberman and take with you the rest of zionazis. get the hell out of palestine and the middle east, zionists are the largest threat to world peace. anywhere there is civil war or neighbours fighting you will find the filthy hand of israel involved, everywhere, whether in africa, south america, asia, middle east, eastern europe!! zionists are probably the Gog and Magog.

Default-user-icon Karbonne (Guest) 9 years

This thief, rapist and terrorist knows as much as March 14. What a coincidence. Don't you think?

Default-user-icon John Holmes (Guest) 9 years

Iran/Syria/ difference between these 3 when it comes to Lebanon. They all want us to remain backward and it's working. The sad thing is that we think that we are the cradle of civilization when we actually are absolutely nothing. We have oil which we will never see, we have something far more valuable than oil...water and it all goes to the sea. In other words we are the kings of destruction, hatred and incivility. Time to wake up and smell the roses...and maybe start doing something about it.

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) 9 years

iran ballooning in lebanon hiding behind the israeli zionist settlement in palestine,the syrian regime hiding behind fighting the "adou el sahyuni",and liberman staying in palestine hiding behind the arab regimes including the wahabies.

Default-user-icon Danny Brand (Guest) 9 years

To Omar the Beiruti.
You can accuse Israel , Jews Zionists for all the troubles of the world, for the wars between Arabs to themselves, the Muslims to themselves.
Matter of fact you don't need our involvement at all, you kill each other with grater success.
Continue your good work , the less you will be the better world will be.
Just remember if not the Jews and their brain you were sleeping in caves same bed with your sheep.

Default-user-icon Capri (Guest) 9 years

Why does he sound like Fouad Lieberman Siniora, Samir Leiberman Geagea, Amin Lieberman Gemayel, Saad Lieberman Hariri, Mustafa Lieberman Allouch, Ahmad Lieberman Fatfat, Mohammad Lieberman Kabbara, Elias Lieberman Atallah, Nadim Lieberman Junior Gemayel, Sami Lieberman Junior Gemayel, Samir Lieberman Franjieh, Dory Lieberman Chamoun, Oqab Missing in Inaction Lieberman Saqr, Michel Lieberman Faraon, Nabil Lieberman De Frerij, Malak Lieberman Du Taouk...? Any clues?

Thumb joesikemrex 9 years

HezbKh araH are the problem, with their masters and little orange puppet

Missing urotherside 9 years


I would rather still sleep with sheep then be a friend of a disgusting PIG like you. And where would you be without the christians bozo?

Proverbs 16:18:
Pride precedes a disaster, and an arrogant attitude precedes a fall.

Default-user-icon Danny Brand (Guest) 9 years

To: Urotherside, What would the Jews do without Christian?
You can play as if Christian are better than Muslim.
What makes you united is the hate.
And without the "Assistance" of Christian there were 6 million Jews alive.
The gas chamber planned by Christian as you must know.
The death camps were not planned by Muslims although they are always happy to help, may be not in such a way but the old method of killing is also well accepted.
You have one luck in Lebanon that you still have the Jews to hate.
Otherwise you Muslim brothers would have slaughtered you by the millions same as they did in the 70s.
I might be a pig and have a country you can only dream of.
You country's days are counted, not by Israel, by your masters the Iranian.
Don't blame Israel for your fullish hate diverted to wrong direction.
Ask the 1 million Lebanese immigrants who escaped from their country.

Missing peace 9 years

why does capri sound like al manar? ... any clues?

Default-user-icon georges (Guest) 9 years

To Dany : if you want to go that way, than you killed our christ.. and its not chrsitians who killed your 6 millions jew it was Hitler who was considering that the german race is the elected one, dont forget that christians helped you escape and puted you in the middle east otherwise you ll ended in madagscar you see. You forgot all the slaying you passed thrue and now you are doing the same to muslims and christian You are living in hatred, and no we dont hate jews we hate jews like you ignorant and arrogant, we can be like you, but we dont want to and dont say Your iranian masters coz they are your allies and they are protecting you form the suni dumb ass the real threat for your beloved israel that you came asking for it 2000 years later, its not bad why shouldnt we do like you phoenicians were in sicilia latin america africa and many other places where no race was before should we come and ask for those after all these years, in which logic are you talking ? and let the suni win

Default-user-icon georges (Guest) 9 years

this battle and let he slay you like you slained muslims in Palestine and christians in Lebanon.. and no we arent dreamingt about having a country like yours we have the most beautifull country in the world and when your allies go out from power (Hezballa and the orange puppets ) you ll see dude beiruth was always the ray of light of this region and she will always be we have 6000 years of civilization we arent going back again just wait a little and you ll see