Nahhas: Abdul Monhem Youssef’s Days in State are Numbered


Labor Minister Charbel Nahhas stated on Monday that OGERO Telecom General Manager Abdul Monhem Youssef’s days in the Lebanese state are numbered.

He said during the launching of a free internet service at the Sioufi park in Beirut: “He tried to obstruct the functioning of the Telecommunications Ministry, but we succeeded in providing this service in Sioufi park.”

“Youssef did not hesitate to obstruct the ministry and his days in state are numbered, unless he spends them in jail,” he added.

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Default-user-icon Batman (Guest) 9 years

So are yours, scumbag... You were thrown out of the last post and you will tag along your senile boss all the way to an exile eventually... Mark my word!

Default-user-icon Pacifier (Guest) 9 years

Ya Nahhas ya Nahes 3al lebneniye, you should you and Abdul Monhem Youssef take a one way ticket to France, see how a real telecom industry works, and how you can really provide for your people better services rather than having conflicts on how to both share your stolen profits, tfou 3aleykon you are both thieves

Default-user-icon anonym (Guest) 9 years

if the new government can produce world class dsl connection at a very affordable price with unlimited bandwidth in the coming few weeks/months, then this would prove beyond a reasonable doubt who is to blame for the corruption of this country, for we have waited 15 long years for a descent connection and all the time in the hands of our local mafia and co.

having said that Ogero should be burnt to the ground along with all who have benefited from the years of corruption and theft also of humanitarian disasters, yes I consider the lack of internet connection to be a humanitarian case.

Default-user-icon amirmansour (Guest) 9 years

I am confused and so are many

Default-user-icon Le Phenicien (Guest) 9 years

Youssef also took a one way ticket to Paris , he left yesterday with other new Lebanese refugees , but rich refugees ... Many others will run away or are on the way ... Bye bye ya helween .

Missing allouchi 9 years

Go to hell Nahhas, you and your little idiot boss Aoun...bunch of traitors.

Default-user-icon Hector (Guest) 9 years

The dismantling of Mafia Don Haririoni has finally begun. Take care, losers.

Default-user-icon Gebran Sons for Cedar Revolution II in 2013 (Guest) 9 years

Charbel Nahhas, with the manners of street gang, honorary member of the Basij or Iran occupation army in Lebanon... active agent of the Hizbollafication of Lebanon and subjecting our economy to political mafia like in Syria, Iran and Libya… a puppet of the Syrian dictator... Your days and the days of your group of mafia politicians are numbered. The Silent Majority will bring you to justice faster than your ability to destroy Lebanon. As the sun is certain to rise so the tyrants in Syria and Iran are certain to fall, and our firm promise is that every idiot or accomplice will be brought to justice for selling Lebanon to tyrants.

Reform starts by intercepting and punishing all individuals or financial institutions involved in transferring funds or arms from Iran/Syria to the Basij, in investigating the castles Bassil is building in Batroun or the land deals between Aoun agents and the Basij. Thanks God, Khalife, the only honorable M8 minister has resigned from this cabinet of wolves!

Default-user-icon falcon (Guest) 9 years

عودنا مسؤلي التيار على الكيدية والمناكفة السياسية وهذا دليل أخر عن عشوائية نحاس في التعاطي مع يوسف -..رغم أن يوسف تعرض لدعاوى قضائية كثيرة وربحها.ألان يطل نحاس بوصفه قاضي القضاة ليتحفنا بأن يوسف سيدخل السجن.نقول لنحاس إنت خرجت من الاتصالات وبقي يوسف وانت ستدخل السجن من الباب العريض مع سيدك ميشال المهووس بكرسي الرئاسة ،،،،

Missing bigdigg 9 years

Youssef has to go regardless of what he did or did not do.. just for his arrogance. He is the most arrogant, pompous person you will ever meet.

One-way ticket please! LOL

Default-user-icon Gebran Sons for Cedar Revolution II in 2013 (Guest) 9 years

Is this a picture from Godfather Part VI? Where is Don Aoun? Is the deal still on with Don Assad? and Don Quixote Bassil? Didn't they get the memo about the ties and black shirts from Don Raad?

Thumb joesikemrex 9 years

No settling scores right! working to fight corruption right? this is your chance prove it.

Default-user-icon Nicolas (Guest) 9 years

Tous, on se souvient que cet homme la fut arrêter a Tripoli tandis qu'il essayait de fuir a bord d'un navire cargo.
C'est étrange comment il sort de prison et on le réassigne un poste ou il pourra toujours voler l'argent des contribuables.
C'est sur qu'on est encore très loin de la fin de la corruption au Liban, mais il y a une occasion qui s'offre avec ce nouveau gouvernement. Ne la laissez pas s’échapper.

Default-user-icon Le Phenicien (Guest) 9 years

@ Falcon - Youssef is hiding already in Paris near Saad hariri and many others .. GMA & Nahas + Bassil and all FPM are in power and have to themselves what is called " le tiers de blocage " with 12 ministers on 30 at the Council of ministers .
GMA is today the leader of the majority , and has the largest bloc inside the government , and the largest bloc inside the majority . Therefor he is stronger than the President of the Republic that has no power at all since Taef ... But not for long ya Falcon I can assure you , now that your masters Youssef and Saad have run away from Lebanon ..

Default-user-icon Patrice (Guest) 9 years

The laws must and will finally be applied on all, and only those who know they have been outlaws call it a settling of scores. Well, too bad, losers, whose only way out is to get out of the country. Just follow Mr. Outlaw on o the dead Outlaw Rafic.

Default-user-icon Beiruti (Guest) 9 years

Such a sorry pitiful statement from the person who is supposed to have government responsibilities to make charges and arrogate to himself the claim to be able to expel a Lebanese citizen from Lebanon. In a civil society, when a person is charged with a crime, which I think was the purpose of the exercise, tehre is an investigation, a trial at which the charged person may confront witnesses against him and to defend himself and if convicted, the a sentence to serve and fines to pay. Expulsion??? I can think of many others who have done far worse, such as the treason committed by Mr. Nahhas' paymast, Michel Aoun, and if he were tried and found guilty, he too should pay the price. But I would never advocate exile for Aoun or anyone else until a full judicial proceedure had been performed and the stated penalty upon conviction is exile.

Otherwise, this is a mere thuggish threat to Mr. Youssef to leave or else be killed in the street like a Syrian at the hands of the Mukabarat.

Missing joseph 9 years

Doesn't Nahhas have better things to do than getting paid to fulfill his personal agenda? Get to work a-- h---

Default-user-icon Zinger (Guest) 9 years

Apparently, joseph does not know the relationship between himself and an a__ h___. But that's typical of all lazy losers.

Default-user-icon Freddy (Guest) 9 years

Youssef, Youssefaret? Haribeh ya loss. Bye bye ya ammour