Jumblat Fears U.S. will Avenge Syria by Imposing Sanctions on Lebanon


Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat has expressed fears that the U.S. will settle scores with Syria in Lebanon through targeting the new Lebanese cabinet.

“According to the opposition and the so-called international community, this is Hizbullah’s cabinet, which means Syria’s (government),” Jumblat told al-Akhbar newspaper on Tuesday. “Then avenging Damascus would be by a fierce battle through imposing sanctions on Lebanon.”

“We’re not the target,” the MP said.

He said that the U.S. Congress is taking action against PM Najib Miqati’s cabinet through cutting all U.S. aid to Lebanon's new government.

The Druze leader said that the March 14-led opposition is “inciting the west against the new cabinet and March 8 forces.”

Jumblat remarked that the government’s policy statement will not differ from the previous cabinet statements. “Lebanon is committed to the international resolutions,” he stressed.

Concerning the expected release of the indictment by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, the PSP leader told the daily that the “indictment targets Hizbullah… if we go back to what was published about the STL in the media we become sure that it has lost its credibility.”

On the Issue of the clashes that erupted in Tripoli on Friday, reliable sources told Jumblat that a march in support of the Syrian people in Tripoli wasn’t supposed to go through Syria Street that separates Bab al-Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen.

He wished upon Tripoli citizens that support of the Syrian regime or the Syrian people to neutralize their city from any internal bickering because “it harms it and harms Syria.”

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Missing mansour 9 years

The only one who has lost all credibility is you and Aoun, now go fetch the stick.

Thumb joesikemrex 9 years

It's a perfect government to run Syria

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) 9 years

u are confusing urself ya walid, it's not the goverment of syria in lebanon?even the foreighn minister is walid el moallem bis.

Default-user-icon Chechen (Guest) 9 years

The word avenging means ensuring that Syria gets its revenge. We are ridiculed internationally for our politics, do we now have to show we can't even use English? Or is our bad English also a U.S. plot?

Default-user-icon Beiruti (Guest) 9 years

The statement is preposterous. The USG rarely, if ever, supported M14 with anything other than moral support and words. In fact, Jumblatt left the M14 coalition precisely because the US did not come to his defense on May 7, 2008 when Hezbollah took to the streets in an attempted armed coup against the government.

If the US is to withdraw support from the Lebanese government it is because of the acts of Jumblatt to assist in the Hezbollah led coup and the USG does not and will not spend appropriated tax payer money on organizations identified by the US State Department as terrorist organizations. That's not an M14 characterization of Hezbollah, but a legal definition of the USG, which is a nation of laws.

If the Lebanese government is being targeted as a means to punish Syria, it is because Jumblatt, Aoun and the other coup makers, like sheep, put Lebanon as the Syrian shield, jeopardizing all that we hold dear, for the sake of ephemerial political gain, that is fleeting.

Default-user-icon amirmansour (Guest) 9 years

It is plain simple
If Lebanese politicians talk about Lebanon and the Lebanese issues, many issues will be solved and of course clearly understood.
But the expertise in Lebanese politicians to talk about regional issues, Syrian problems and International philosophical issues is a distraction from Internal responsibilities.
Stay within your borders of thought and this apply to all.

Default-user-icon John Holmes (Guest) 9 years

Jumblatt should just shut up for a while since he has lost all credibility with the Lebanese people. He is ridiculing himself every time he opens his mouth. You cannot one day be Syria's ally then suddenly become it's enemy then again become it's ally and expect the Lebanese and druze in particular to just abide by your whimsical mood swings. You are the reason we are in this sinking boat. If any retaliation is to take place by the US, then you are the reason for it. You and only you handed Lebanon back to syria and iran.

To Naharnet; AVENGE: to take vengeance on behalf of. You got the title all wrong.

Missing joseph 9 years

Do you Feel some guilt Mr Jumblat? The Sanction that we are about to receive from the international community is because of your HZB cabinet. The US views HZB as a Syra/iranian terrorist organisation.
This negative image is self inflicted by M8 and HZB and has nothing to do with M14.
With your help this cabinet came to power. With your help we will eventually lose all International support.

Default-user-icon Lebanese (Guest) 9 years

Mr. Jumblat,
Why to worry of US assistance to Lebanon. The M-8 people were telling they don't need Western Mercy and or Wahabby/Saudi help. I guess for M-8 people Lebanese economy is really flourishing and the GDP of the country is very high, so hell with any Western assistance. Incase there is need of financial help don't worry we have Iran and Syria ,two of the best economies in developing countries, that can help us.Go and sleep easy Mr. Jumblat one thing for sure you and all the politicians will not starve from hunger.

P.S. Poor ignorant Lebanese people, keep voting and chosing those scum-backs as our leaders

Missing peace 9 years

i remember a little orange general went to deliver a speech in front of the us senate against syria and hezbollah...he used to call them terrorists!
so yes if we follow his word we are now governed by a terrorist gvt as the hizb and it s puppet aoun have seized power by force!

now it s not good if the m14 do the same thing ?

ask for the implementation of the 1559, 1701 , let s see if you have the courage to implement them and we ll see if you are really committed to international resolutions!!!