Al-Rahi from Vatican: We Wish Cabinet Success to Meet People’s High Expectations


Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi wished the new government success on Tuesday in order for it to meet the people’s high expectations given the crises in the Middle East.

He made his statements from the Vatican, where he arrived on Sunday to take part in the Middle East synod.

Al-Rahi hoped that peace will be established in the region in order for the people to live in stability and dignity.

“We pray on a daily basis that Lebanon will maintain its role as a positive factor in the region due to its unique system and message to the world,” the patriarch added.

“Despite some of its crises, this small country will remain the beacon of hope in the region,” he stressed.

He is expected to meet with Pope Benedict XVI during his visit.

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Default-user-icon Paco (Guest) 9 years

This is what in Arabic we call: kalem jawhari, Hear that, losers? I bet you miss Sfeir the divider!!! But Dr. Criminal told us that Al Rahi is going to be tougher than Sfeir. Apparently, he is working harder, too, to unite. Too bad, losers, aka Hariri's Christian Sunnis.

Thumb ado.australia 9 years

Thank you batrack, for your inspiration. You give us hope when many are using fear. We remember his Holiness, the Blessed pope John Paul the second when he said..."Lebanon is more than a country. It is a message of freedom and an example of pluralism for East and West."
Please pray for our fellow bitter Lebanese who are only preaching Lebanons end and comming isolation. We pray that the forces of division, fear and sectarianism are defeated by your hope, inspiration and love.
God bless you and Lebanon.

Default-user-icon aloush (Guest) 9 years

my shiite bro fini hahaha funy fini paco you still make me laugh you, he's a little known fact the hariri sunni since 2005 sound exactly like the in3izalieh christians did from 1975 till now including the magnificent gma till 2005 while the stupendous gma sounds exactly like the pro plo and hezbalah always sounded. i know for a fact that patriarch rahi calls aoun a tool because of that, anyway the imam has information about the new 2012 issue black shirts they have anti bacterial fabric so the boys can wear them forever and the enemy cannot smell them coming a mile away, waiting for you at the husseiniya and will expect new paco jokes you slay me man

Default-user-icon orthodoxeh (Guest) 9 years

ado so now you like the Maronites you were cursing them only a few days ago

Thumb ado.australia 9 years

Orthodoxeh... I am a proud Maronite and proud of my heritage. If anyone was cursing Maronites, it was some imposter. However, there are many ignorant maronites, and criminal Maronites just as they are in all sections of every society. Unfortunately, in Lebanon there is a group of very fearful tribal Maronites that only curse those who have political difference of opinion. I am glad that our batrack is calming the sections of Lebanese society that think the world will end tomorrow because Aoun has 11 minister and hezballa 2.

Default-user-icon orthodoxeh (Guest) 9 years

ado of course you are a proud Maronite that's why you keep attacking Maronites, make sense how can anyone disagree with you on that. Oh and I'm Obo from Mars visiting your planet yeah, that's the ticket, how do you do, I'm here to observe your people and the way they try but fail to weasel their way out of a lie, I'm surprised you didn't go with the devil made me do it or my dog ate it those seems to be popular ones. BTW do you happen to know something called le phenicien he's the main reason I'm studying your planet he's fascinating he's so unaware he's like a dog licking himself.

Thumb ado.australia 9 years

Good luck with that.

Default-user-icon Le Phenicien (Guest) 9 years

Ortho ..
Go cure yourself from your Maronite complexe ya arabi ya ortho - doxi ..

Maronites are your masters not only in Lebanon , but in all the M.E. and all over the world .

What do you expect from a sect like yours that calls its women HAJJI !! and you call youselves Christians !!!

Go back to Hijaz were you came from , whare your Moulouk al heera and al Ghassassina use to live like the bedouins with their camels .

Have some respect for the ones tha welcomed you , fed you , and gave you a nationality ignorants and ungrateful people ..

Default-user-icon orthodoxeh (Guest) 9 years

Oh thank you ado thank you and trust me the anal probe won't hurt a bit just ask le phenicien he liked it so much he bought one from the spaceship's gift shop.

Missing petersdemocracy 9 years

all of you say we have messed up leaders, that always bicker

you guys bicker on a newspaper article.
and all you guys are goofs for falling for the zionist plot (divide and conquer) whch is why 3arab jarab my friends.
wether it be a Sheikh, Mufti, Batrak, Or Archbishop at the end of the day all of us believe in the same God, and Jesus, and that the world will end one day with it coming down to good vs. evil.

Why do we still fight ?
we should show our selves mutual respect for one another, specifically from the same sect and holy book we read.
all i see is ignorance surrounding the lebanese society, but unfortunately we will never learn.
peace be upon the prophets and us the lebanese people and our arab neighbours, brothers, and friends that never will unite.

Default-user-icon Zinger (Guest) 9 years

"Ouch!" cried March 14. "Another nail in our coffin." they screamed.

Default-user-icon A. Templar (Guest) 9 years

Kudos for The Sheppard

Rahi is on a mission, securing the backing of the Vatican to allow the dismantling of Taef agreement which must be overturned to allow for an even balance of power in Lebanon between Maronite and Muslims in general.
Taef signaled the beginning of the Christian exodus from Lebanon; and any Christian leader, who does not support Rahi in his effort, should be held personally responsible for the rapid erosion of Christianity in the region.