Aoun: Only Corruptors Will Be Held Accountable, Roumieh Prison Ward Being Prepared for them

MP Aoun: The talks with Suleiman resulted in an agreement that will be revealed in the upcoming days. 9 years
MP Aoun: Miqati didn’t wrongfully accuse anyone during his speech from Tripoli. I believe the unrest was planned. 9 years
MP Aoun: Al-Jumhuriya newspaper is the new WikiLeaks. 9 years
MP Aoun: How can they remain silent over developments in Yemen and Bahrain, while they meddle in Syria and Libya? International law is dead. 9 years
MP Aoun: Today’s pro-Assad demonstrations are larger than those against the regime. The Syrian president didn’t deny the need for reform, which needs time to be implemented. 9 years
MP Aoun: I did hold talks with Suleiman, but we didn’t discuss the national dialogue. 9 years
MP Aoun: Isn’t there a location farther than Paris the opposition can convene at? Let them go to Washington. We want justice, but we don’t want the forgery of the truth. 9 years
MP Aoun: Manners stipulate that a grace period be granted to the new government, but they didn’t do so. 9 years
MP Aoun: We have a rude and fierce opposition. They didn’t appreciate our ‘one way ticket’ joke. A new bloc is being prepared for them in Roumieh prison and they will be granted a ‘one way in’ ticket for it. 9 years
MP Aoun on Feltman’s statements: This strange creature believes that he is the only person from a free country. The U.S. is not so, but it enslaves people. We are part of an axis of evil against its axis of evil. Beirut was thriving for years when they discovered America. 9 years
FPM leader MP Michel Aoun after movement’s weekly meeting: We congratulate Tripoli for ending its unrest and reaching an understanding over the city is encouraging. 9 years

Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun criticized on Tuesday the opposition’s attack on the new government, labeling it as “rude” because a new cabinet should be granted a 100-day grace period.

He said after the movement’s weekly meeting: “They didn’t appreciate our ‘one way ticket’ joke. A new ward is being prepared for them in Roumieh prison and they will be granted a ‘one way in’ ticket for it.”

“Their greed had affected their sense of humor,” he added.

“Isn’t there a location farther than Paris the opposition can convene at? Let them go to Washington. We want justice, but we don’t want the forgery of the truth,” he noted.

Addressing Assistant U.S. Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, Jeffrey Feltman, Aoun said: “He is a strange creature and he believes that he is the only person coming from a free country, but he comes from a state that enslaves people.”

“He has grown accustomed to forming Lebanon’s government, but this time it slipped through his fingers,” he said.

“We are part of an axis of evil against its axis of evil. We are proud to be part of it. We are aware of all the good the Americans brought to Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Pakistan,” Aoun added sarcastically.

“Spite and settling scores aren’t on our agenda. We want to build a state on the basis of laws and justice,” he stressed.

Furthermore, he revealed that he had contacted President Michel Suleiman, denying that they had discussed the national dialogue.

On Friday’s clashes in the northern city of Tripoli, Aoun stated: “Prime Minister Najib Miqati didn’t wrongfully accuse anyone. I believe the unrest was planned.”

In addition, he urged Lebanese expatriates and foreigners to head to Lebanon during the summer, slamming the rise in ticket prices by the Middle East Airlines, an issue he said should be looked into.

“It is hindering tourism and the Lebanese people’s return,” the MP declared.

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Default-user-icon Le Phenicien (Guest) 9 years

GMA is the strong man of Lebanon today . He is the rock of Lebanon . Nothing can be done without his approval from now on . Hariri era is over ...

Default-user-icon Beiruti (Guest) 9 years

Every Tuesday we hear from the Movement. As is the case with all movements, the product is a bucket of fecal matter.. I'll probably get banned from the site again and sent to Roumieh prison for saying that. But this is the truth about this guy, his lies, his hypocracy, his biting at the hand that fed him.

I am in the US and know his people here and how he begged and pleaded with the US government to come to his position with regard to Syria and the rest. For him to speak now of the US in this language is something that will not long be forgotten. Now he is defending and apologizing for the murderous regime next door. How incredible. When the world knows what is happening next door and condemns it, Aoun praises it. It just proves the point, that everything this guy touches turns into what he produces every Tuesday morning.

Default-user-icon Joe (Guest) 9 years

Michel Aoun is a senile man diagnosed with Schizophrenia Disorder thinks he is a superman who will break the arm of the USA and make the Cedar revolution disappear from the face of the earth, is on his weekly barking session again. The positive side however, is that the more he barks, the more his followers discover that they been fooled and illusioned by a loser who is being used by Syrian regime, Iran and the thugs controlling Hizbullah.

Thumb ado.australia 9 years

I was thinking the same recently... Airfares to Lebanon are up close to 20% on last year.

Default-user-icon michel_ (Guest) 9 years

ya general, havent u spread enough venom yet!!

seriously, nowhere in the world do politicians talk to each other the way ours do..and u expect them to lead this country..right into hell thats where theyre leading us

Thumb tabasco 9 years

once again Mr. Aoun :

Matthew 7:5 "Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye.

Missing joseph 9 years

Mr Aoun. You would be perfect only if you had a brain.
I listen to what you have to say and feel I want to trow up. If this is the side that is going to represent us, no wonder why we are where we are.
Mr Aoun, you need to grow up and start acting like a leader

Missing peace 9 years

he once told that syria was accountable for the corruption system that has obliged lebanese politicians to cooperate or else die...he told that syria racketted lebanon... has he forgotten???
if he really wants to send to prison all those who have stolen money from the state than the majority of his new allies must be sent there too!!!! berry frangie wahhab karame etc etc!!!!
let s see if his justice is for all or just for those who are against him and his friends! then he true nature of little dictator will reveal itself...

he suffers from alzheimer that poor orange face!

Default-user-icon Youssef Haddad (Guest) 9 years

You are confortable with your evil friends who butcher, displace and torture their own people.
Put it in your head that the US is our main ally and friend because we do share with it humanitarian values and prinicples of freedom. What do we share with Iran or Syria?
Make this test among your constituents, better make it among Hezbollah's constituents. If they are offered a visa to emigrate to Iran or a visa to emigrate to America, which one they chose?

Missing phoenix 9 years

i've sent a open letter to Ministre Abboud caliming about ticket price to lb on MEA and i asked him to do something. Even i don't beleive in no body in lebanese politicians but i still have hope that some day, one or some of them will do smthg for the people and his country. Hope so

Default-user-icon Gebran Sons for Cedar Revolution II in 2013 (Guest) 9 years

Aoun has the same DNA as Assad, the same hateful and destructive instincts as Nassrallah, and the same craziness and inflated ego as Khadafi. Aoun understanding of reform is like Khadafi understanding of democracy. Both share same mental instability and intellectual sterility. He has been pumped up by the Basij arms and will deflate by the fall of the tyrants in Syria and Iran. Until then one thing is sure is that he’ll cause as much damage as he can. All tyrants have had prior accomplishments from Stalin stopping Hilter to Khadafi uniting Libya, except Aoun who has given Lebanon nothing but destruction and division. Aoun only accomplishments are to divide Christians, attack Bkirki and moderate Sunnis, justify Hizbollah’s arms and actions, poison our relations with the West, destroy our economy, and place Lebanon under the control of Basij and Mukhabarat. May god give Aoun long life so he’ll see his day in court for all the suffering and destruction he has caused!

Missing bigdigg 9 years

Are you sure there is enough space in Roumieh?

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) 9 years

i can agree with him,but he have a similar gang and in addition,he is allied to a ciminal dictator and farsi mollahs equal to the devilish wahabies.

Default-user-icon Beiruti (Guest) 9 years

What is hindering expatriates return to Lebanon for the summer this year, is the clown Aoun and the government that he has facilitated to be created. Speak of a "creature" the only "creature" not deserving to be called a human being would be the wooly mole that lives underground and holds the other end of the leach that is attached around Aoun's neck.

Everyone wants to come and visit Lebanon. The land where people love life. Who wants to go to Hezbollahstan??? The place that glorifies the culture of death.

Missing roxtox 9 years

Aoun will befriend the devil if he thinks it will land him the presidency... Poor delitued creature....

Missing mirvete11 9 years

Keep your pajama ready Aoun, as sooner or later you might be fleeing the country again.

Default-user-icon Ibn Al Jabal (Guest) 9 years

At one point you (Aoun) were saying that Walid Jumblat is corrupt. Now he is a partner in the new government. Are you going to prosecute him and his team? How about you also declare where you and your son-in-law have gotten your wealth? How much does it cost to live lavishly in Paris, open a TV station, etc.

Missing jabbour 9 years

the new wahhab

Default-user-icon Alberto (Guest) 9 years

And why are the corruptors, aka Al Mustakbal, going crazy? Why? Will they return the 60 billion USD? Or the 11 billion USDs that vanished since 2005? They didn't fleece the Lebanese? They didn't collaborate with the enemy? They didn't undermine the institutions from within for over 20 years? Then have no fear, corruptors. I REPEAT: HAVE NO FEAR, CORRUPTORS.

Default-user-icon oct1390 (Guest) 9 years

Now that he's the government as he claims shouldn't this coward focus on the Lebanese army soldiers his cowardness sent into Syrian jails instead of defending the Syrian regime and calculating the Roumieh square footage.

Default-user-icon Sarita Gonzalez (Guest) 9 years

with this kind of news, Lebanon is opening the HUNTER WIZZARD SEASON, what will provoke in very direct way what many citizens go abroad, due to many excesive actions will be looked, which at end, wont secure that supposed money used in corrupt acts, return to country cash box, because keeping people at jail, doesnt mean one credit in $$$$ for national budget, besides the assets what people involved in that matters, will have well covered from the justice,

Default-user-icon Iben el Nimer (Guest) 9 years

Mon General

you want to go against the US and the rest of the free world. Think about it . Think where Hitler , Saddam and Ben Laden are today

Default-user-icon neutral (Guest) 9 years

How old is that guy? Hes got a face lift and his eyes done. he is taking the tone of hizbo. baddi kassir baddi aamoul. The poor thing he is not thinking about bab el retour. Doesnt he know that in lebanon from one minute to another things happen ? he thinks he won what? will he include himself for interrogation? From what i hear he stole millions and ran to France . Does he think he is untoutchable? What a way to talk to people. I dont care about any of them . but he shouldnt say things to hurt people. He should talk about how to help the lebanese people not to revenge. No one cares about lebanon the way these people are talking and attacking each other back and forth.Poor Lebanon.

Missing peace 9 years

alberto: ask the syrians where all that money has gone!!! your beloved leader told the whole world that the syrian pumped the money out of lebanon !!!

so pls, be modest and don t forget what your good for nthg orange face told....

Default-user-icon Alberto (Guest) 9 years

joseph: if the Syrians pumped the money out of Lebanon (and into Rafiq's pocekt as they facilitated his hegemony and his robbing of Solidere...), then have no fear, corruptors. I REPEAT: HAVE NO FEAR, CORRUPTORS. And by the way, how did the 11 billion USDs vanish? Must be the invisible hands of the Syrians, too. How dumb you are, joseph. HAVE NO FEAR, CORRUPTORS!

Missing peace 9 years

i see alberto that you do not believe in what aoun says...

do you want the references of where and when he said that? poor alberto so blinded by his poor little frustrated leader!

oh! by the way didn t aoun flee because he was threatened by the syrians? just like hariri who is threatened by your syrian watchdogs!

oh, what about berry a great corrupted: do you want to judge him? and frangie? and wahhab? and mrad? and... and ... and...??

tell us we are eager to know your sense of aounist justice!!!!

Missing startrip 9 years

Michel Aoun made a bet on Iran/Syria/Hizbollah and against the West. He wants to be president at any cost and saw this alliance as his only viable option. This may work for a short time with some temporary tail wind.

What boggles the mind is how a significant part of Lebanese Christians, who are typically pro-West bought Aoun's garbage hook, line and sinker?

Missing peace 9 years

aoun bets on countries only to serve his interests! yesterday he licked the a.. of george bush he even went in front of the us senate!
now it s assad and ahmedinejad!
yesterday he claimed that syria was the sole responsible for all the bad thgs happening in lebanon : it didn t work he failed to be president!
now he is inventing a new scapegoat: hariri who is the sole responsible now!

pls make up your mind m. aounssaddinejad!

prove us wrong aounists of today!

Default-user-icon The Truth (Guest) 9 years

Funny he sounds just like Assad blaming Syria's problems on foreigners and of course Qaddafi was an angel before NATO came to bomb him and his forces. If it wasn't for the US and France, Aoun would have never returned to Lebanon or even survived the Syrian invasion of his areas during the war. Now he praises those that hunted him down and killed his supporters while attacking those that saved him...

Thumb shab 9 years

It's the Lebanese expatriates and tourists stayed away this sumnmer, it will send a strong signal to this new goverment.

Default-user-icon sucks to be like Aoun (Guest) 9 years

This man has no sense of politics. Lebanon would be better if this crazy man is dead. I hope he doesn't get to be president; he'll just ruin the country further. HE NEEDS TO DIE, VANISH, EVAPORATE!!!

Default-user-icon Someone (Guest) 9 years

Aoun is absolutely right! Hopefully all those corrupt, March 14 losers will be sent to prison where they will all rot for stealing millions from the poor people of Lebanon!

Default-user-icon LePhenicien (Guest) 9 years

Some guy was accused by the General's current bosses of embezzling hundreds of millions of dollars the treasury had given him to pay the Lebanese Army soldiers, millions he had taken with him when he ran away and deserted said soldiers when he famously said "it's mine mine mine all mine they'll all be dead at the end of the day anyway". This is what he would look like standing in the Roumieh jail with his younger corrupt friend both in their fetching gang colors.

Missing petersdemocracy 9 years

i find it very insulting for a comment like mine to be removed, because i did not insult any lebanese or even arab or naharnet user on my comment.
Very insulting to specifically have that when GEBRAN TWAINE died as a martyr for free speech and free press.
TFEH 3ala hek 3amaliyye
i am very sorry for were we are today.

Default-user-icon aoun (Guest) 9 years

To Assfouriehhh ya Aoun, what a morron!

Default-user-icon aoun (Guest) 9 years

Auon has lost it, to remind his bitter mind, will give his a quick snapshot of his allies:

1- Michel aoun, $ 50 MM came to start OTV startion brokered by Assef Chawkat through Quataris

2-His son in low, the miracle baby Jebran, owns infinite numbers of real estate in Lebanon, just last 5 years.
3-Sleyman Frangieh, "chirkit trabeh" in checaa, and other manufacturing plants in Checca all give him 25-50% of their profit, all corruption!!!!

4-Nabih Berre, known as the "Thief of the south", him and his gang Amal for years and years they stole from the goverment "sandouk el Janoub"

5-Hizib Allah and company, they never pay any bills, not even busness owners there pay their electric bills. we Lebanese pay $ 2.5 billion every yr to cover their digusting bill. I met a guy from Da3hie who is proud thet all tools in their homes in based on electricity as it is for free

6-Jumblat new ally, thief (sandouk mahajarine, and salry from Iran)

did I count enough of your allies?

Default-user-icon Danny Khoury (Guest) 9 years

Aoun is a fruit-loop (look it up).
The bloke has zero class and zero respect.
He turned me off him post 1990 when he ran away from Lebanon.
Not one politician lowered their ethic and attacked him for his cowardly cheap beahviour while he was in France or when he returned. He is cheap! He is NOT funny and he has blood on his hands... morerso for the people that supported his 'cause' until death only for him to totally CONTRADICT himself within 15 years! He is NOT an Army General. He is a low life cheap politician who is strung from Demascus and Tehran. Shame Shame Shame! And Shame on those who believed in him 20 years ago if YOU remain in support of this lunatic!

Default-user-icon Comentator (Guest) 9 years

The day will come when MA will get a one way ticket to his grave, and the world will be relieved to be rid of him.

Thumb joesikemrex 9 years

Aoun, make sure you get all corrupt politicians, your opponents and your allies, and from your own ranks. Corruption must be stopped! regardless of who is the corrupter

Default-user-icon Eagle (Guest) 9 years

Why is this retard still talking..Hariri built Lebanon back from the Ashes while this low life brought death, destruction and conflict.. Someone please pull life support on MA and let the world rest in peace...Ugly retard

Thumb Marc 9 years

Is he going back as far as 1988? Just wondering cause .......

Missing urotherside 9 years

<syrian accent>: wlek breee 3laik

hehehe :)

Default-user-icon KMS (Guest) 9 years

I swear a god this man is missing 2 things to be a perfect creature, HORNS and TAIL. He's the most expert in one way ticket, but not only that, hiding away as well from his current lovers.

Default-user-icon teacher (Guest) 9 years

I am wondering why for some commenters, it is wrong to know how come our debt passed from 4 billions to 52 billions officially, knowing that most of the reconstruction was estimated to be of 9 billions USD in 1993 and that it occured through BOT (Solidere as a private company, Alfa, Libancell as private etc...)

Obviously, some stoled our money, those defending them today got a share of what it has been stolen or are "complice de facto". Maybe the stockholm syndrom.

Default-user-icon neutral (Guest) 9 years

The guy wants war. He wants a sunni shiite war so he can be president. Once he becomes president he will attack hizbo that knows well his game. He is using them and they are using him. The guy is nuts. Doesent he know that the kirsi is malghoumy? loaded with rat traps. A man who would destroy people and country for his own gain is a fool. This is the 21st century. the books that he is reading are old from ww1. he is still living in the stone age. The people who are supporting him think they are safe from hizbo. If hizbo attacks they will take over the palace and kill aoun. what a fn genious mind he has. thats what he thinks. Its obious any body can read his mind. Hes got a brain of a 6 years old. My dog can outclever him.

Default-user-icon the hunter (Guest) 9 years

I know I will not go visit Lebanon this Summer with Aoun preparing jails for good people. This blood thirsty creature is crazy and scary. Now he has what it takes to put people away, just as his bosses in Syria do.

Default-user-icon pete (Guest) 9 years

It amazes me, how Aoun followers, a smart bunch, can listen to this so called leader and support him still.

Default-user-icon Someone (Guest) 9 years

Only March 14 losers call someone crazy and retarded for demanding that corrupt officials (March 14) be sent to prison! Face it, losers, your corrupt era is OVER! Hopefully that Saudi kid has learned a lesson or two after all of this!

Missing mansour 9 years

"Someone" the only corrupt one here is your M8 and that dope Aoun , let me list them for you :
1.Talked alot of crap about fighting till the end.
2. worlds fastest midnight run to french embassy at 1.03 seconds.
3.Left his wife and daughter and his men to fend for themselves ( coward)
4.trotted around the globe accusing Syria of war crimes in Lebanon thru the 90's all the way to 2005 until his return where he received an X amount of $$$ to fetch and roll over like the good dog he is for Syria.
so after going to the U.S congress in 2003 and accusing Syria of crimes and murders.
whats changed his position.Its plain and simple this guy has some loose screws in his head to just want all of Lebanon to burn for his rein as president which he will never get no matter how many bones and sticks he can fetch.Thank you

Default-user-icon LePhenicien (Guest) 9 years

Someone they call you crazy ) because you still believe that aoun is going to do what he says he's going to do after he reneged on every single promise he's ever made to you.

Missing peace 9 years

"widespread corruption of enormous magnitude has devastated the Lebanese economy. Syria's puppet regime and proxies in Lebanon have excessively abused their power. They unnecessarily built a national debt currently exceeding two hundred percent of GDP while simultaneously amassing gigantic personal fortunes at the expense and welfare of the average Lebanese citizens."

so what does someone and the others dogs of aoun have to say reading this statement said by aoun himself in 2003 ???? who were the best known syrian proxies at the time? just hariri or m14 which didn t exist?

Missing joseph 9 years

After all is said here is M8 punishment to ML Aoun: He will have to stay off the radar for a couple of days. His turrets syndrome has taken him too far this time. He will be back to entertain us and hopefully he will be medicated.